Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Maison Decor Workshop Experience

 Workshops at Maison Decor~
that's a very big thing in this family run company.
We pride ourselves on the workshop experience~we want to deliver the most
information we can so that our students can go out and paint furniture. 
 That's the goal.
Its not about just leaving with some pretty looking samples 
of painted wood.  Its not about that for us~
its about cramming everything we know 
(about painting and waxing furniture)
 into our students heads in just four hours. 
 If you want to paint your cabinets, or you plan 
to redo some older pieces of furniture to save a few bucks, 
or if you want to start a side business selling painted furniture, 
or if you have a booth or a store and you want to 
learn all there is to using this magical paint called 
Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan,
 then a Maison Decor workshop is your ticket.
It all starts with this~the undeniably magical paint 
that Annie Sloan INVENTED over 20 years ago
in England with a chemist. 
 She called it Chalk Paint® because of its chalky feel~
the thing that made this paint so different was
 that is requires little to no prepwork in the way 
of sanding or priming, and that is what holds so much appeal!  
We set up our workshop table like a country dinner table~
a spot for every registered student that 
holds paint brushes, soft rags, wood samples of various styles,
wet wipes for painted fingers, water bottles for thirsty moments
 and of course our magic paint and wax.
Within 24 hours our guests have arrived and taken a seat at the table~
most come alone, but some have signed up with a girl friend,
 mother or daughter or husband.
 And before you know it the table is a whirl of painting, 
laughing and listening as the instructions and inside tips flow~
 We have a lot of fun while learning at an intense pace.
 Read our customer reviews on our workshop sign up page online~
we are very proud of our hard earned reputation.
 Four hours fly by...
What techniques work best for which kinds of furniture? 
What about scratched pieces? 
Broken and chipped veneer? 
What to do about a piece you have painted and it has started to bleed? 
Super shiny? Ikea?? 
You will get all these answers and much more~
Trouble shooting~the workroom is the  perfect place to
 make mistakes and figure out the right way to do things.
 When I am able to look over your shoulder and analyze
 your technique and give you an answer.   
 Everyone at the table learns together as we all do things a 
little bit differently~
 Create amazing looks in this Introductory Chalk Paint® Workshop~
I call it my everything class, as this really will set you up for
 painting just about anything you plan to paint.
 Lots of attention is spent on the waxing portion~
when and how to apply the dark wax, how to use the 
clear wax~what is the difference~what are some of the 
common mistakes most people make?
 I have been painting with Annie's paint since 2011
 in my own home well before I ever had a shop. 
 I was an avid DIYer with an interior design background. 
Now into my second year of being a stockist you
 will get an instructor that doesn't hold back, I promise you that!
 At the end of each INTRO Chalk Paint® Workshop
 you leave with your painted samples and any supplies
 you have purchased, and of course the confidence
 you now have in your own abilities.  At each class I teach,
 I use different colors so our shop has hundreds of samples
 in different colors and finishes for my customers to look at when they come to buy paint.
 From fancy to rustic~
 To layered finishes and crackled effects~
 Gilded pieces in pastels and neutrals and beachy techniques,
you will see it all right here at Maison Decor!
 We offer many other workshops for Advanced Techniques too~
just check our schedule online at shopmaisondecor.com
As a Maison Decor grad you can paint your furniture with confidence! 
 We have some surprises coming soon at Maison Decor~
including a new location!!
So stay tuned for that big news as we get the details ironed out.
 We do hope to see you at a Maison Decor workshop this year~
 Where you can get your hands dirty and play with the paint!
 You can get absorbed in our world and take it home with you!
 Whether its our super popular starter class or a more advanced level class~
 The whole point is putting you in the drivers seat for creating the looks you want!
Also~look for our stores in the June issue of Romantic Homes magazine!!
 We are featured in the shopkeepers section~its due out any day now!!!


  1. Amy- my hats off to you. You have made an amazing company (stores) out of ASCP and all the different ways to use all the products plus some others.
    I have to mention your sons in this post too. They have your talent. Wow, another store. That is BIG. Best wishes to all of you. Blessings Paula

  2. Oh boy Amy, it sounds so fun. It also sounds like YOU are a great instructor and really enjoy what you are doing, and that makes all the difference. A new location???


  3. I second Nina's question! But I'm now wondering if its a 3rd shop or just a new spot for an existing shop, hmmmm.


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