Friday, September 13, 2013

Our new Deluxe Maison Decor Mora Clock

 The Deluxe Mora Clock.  
As big fans of the Mora clock style, you might know
we have been painting and customizing our 
famous reproductions at Maison Decor
for many of you who love these clocks too.
 Essentially the same floor clock model as 
our original floor clock reproduction,
the Deluxe Mora clock has an antique Mora style face and along 
with a customized monochromatic paint job with a heavy antiqued finish, 
it's a pretty compelling version of a real antique Mora clock!
 Justin has worked on this clock for the past week and when 
he brought it home from the warehouse
 I couldn't believe how fabulous it looked!
 Its as good as it gets!
 Creating the face takes time but its worth it! We loved the result! 
It might just have to take the place of my wall clock that
 I did a few years ago and have loved it ever since the day 
I hung it in this spot.  We have customized colors 
coming for the Deluxe collection.
Shown is Gustavian Grey.  Looking forward to completing
 more of these beautiful clocks in the weeks ahead in our
 new colors of FadedAqua, Pale Blue and Classic Antiqued White. 
Our original Maison Decor Mora floor clock's numbers on the face 
are done a different lettering style for the face.  
This is the biggest difference between the Original Mora and the Deluxe, 
along with the extra hand finishing on the face as well as
 the heavy antiquing found on the Deluxe. 
We hope you like the new look of our latest clock!  
You can find these on our website at 
Wouldn't this make a great surprise Christmas gift?  
We are already taking orders! As each newly offered color gets
 completed on a clock, we will be taking pics and then adding the 
photos of the various painted Deluxe clocks to our online shop. 
 Please email us with any questions about our lovely clocks. 
We still have the Maison Decor wall clocks available as well.  
This one above is finished in Faded Louis Blue and Old White.
And below was the first clock I ever painted!  Its also a Faded Louis Blue
with tons of antiquing....but now I think I might just need to have my 
own Deluxe Maison Decor Mora Floor Clock!
Click above photo to shop at Maison Decor


  1. I woke up in the middle of the night, and couldn't get back to sleep.....
    So, I thought i'd put my time to good use and leave a comment.
    I LOVE the new numbers on the deloxio clock.
    Verra, verra, cool!!!

  2. Gorgeous Amy, love the color, the details and size...shes a beauty!

    Hope you are well..always love when you stop by and love seeing whats new in your world!

  3. The clock is exquisite. Your boys have certainly inherited your talent!

  4. Oh man, you're killing me! Now I might have to get another Mora. That is stunning! The finish is gorgeous and LOVE the new face style! I don't dare tell my husband ;-/ Best, Beth C.

  5. Fabulous Amy The Paris Gray and Olde White almost comes across as turquoise. I would love to see one in that new color.

    2013 Artists Series

  6. Very pretty! I keep trying to figure out just where I could put one of these clocks. :)

  7. Gorgeous Amy! Can these be ordered too?So glad I have been waiting.As much as I love the hanging clock I love the free standing clock!

  8. Amy... they're wooonderful! Love the deluxe. I bet you sell so many at christmas! Ladies better start letting their significant others know right now!



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