Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Randomness from Home and Shop

 Seems like Wednesdays are going to be my day off from work, which might just translate into me having the time to get a morning blog post put together.  Life around here is on a hectic pace and it doesn't show signs of slowing down anytime soon.  However having a day off means I can schedule a hair appointment, catch up on household bills and throw in some laundry.  We all have Sundays off so that is the day I try to do the food shopping before the football game game comes on.  We do love our New England Patriots and I like to cook chili or wings or both.  Anyway we get new items in the shop every week, and these embroidered linen owl pillows just came in yesterday! They are really cool! One is mostly in greens and greys and the other is in tans beiges and rust.
 See our leopard chair with the tan owl?  
And see the orange side table? 
Its our Moroccan table in Barcelona Chalk Paint®.
We created a masculine vignette using a lot of our newer accessories 
including rustic wood pedestals in two sizes and some grey terracotta capital pedestals.  
A great little collection of dog statues in washed grey sit on the pedestals.  
We threw in a few of our old color coordinated vintage books to round out the setting.  
Oh and a big grey clock...I love how it turned out!
   I am a big dog lover and was so pleased with this dog statue collection.   
 Just been really digging grey mixed with natural browns and tans 
in home decorating.
 Here is a mixed vignette around a great old chest in black and green that Justin styled.
World traveler bits with vintage farmhouse accessories....
.mix it up and just repeat the colors in your accessories to get a pleasing effect.
 A grand trumeau mirror arrived yesterday as well~
this is a reproduction with a good price point.  
You know I love most things French, and this mirror delivers!
 On the home front, Justin and Madison moved into our basement apartment.  
It had been slowly getting filled up with junk Daves stuff.  
We cleaned it out bit by bit
and the last remaining area was the living room space.  
So on Sunday, our day off, the guys 
got together and moved all the stuff out and sorted it and put it away
 in the garage and all
of a sudden Justin and Madison had a real place to live!! 
They already started painting the walls 
and have settled on a mink brown and white color scheme.  
I think I will get Justin on here to guest post about all of the changes 
that they are making~he has a defined style of decorating 
which is pretty cool. You got to see it in the Boston shop, 
and so you can imagine which direction he is going with his new pad. 
 Madison and I offer our opinions, but its clearly his project 
to turn this space into a home for the both of them!
 Cannot wait to see it finished.  
Looks like Sundays will be the day for getting projects done.
 Last night was Colins 22nd birthday, so we do what we always
 do on family birthdays, no matter your age~we head to Polcaris 
for a pizza, fried calamari and salad.  Being a Tuesday night 
we thought we would walk right in...but apparently it is Kids Night!  
 And there was Jenny the Juggler in the house!
Before long she wandered away from the really little kids 
and came to our table and whipped up a proper birthday hat for Colin.  
 It was hilarious! 
And Colin is such a great sport and takes everything in stride as he always does
 and was quite comfortable wearing his balloon hat.  
The amazing thing was how quickly Jenny could blow up a long skinny balloon. 
 They are impossible to blow up.  She would blow one up in 3 seconds flat!  
You can see Justin is holding one and took on the challenge of trying to blow it up.
 Justin blew and blew and blew....his cheeks got as big as chipmunks on steroids 
and his face got beet red.  Finally he got one blown up, 
but he felt like he was having an aneurism!! Mr. Maison Decor 
tried in vain and said he thought he might have dislodged a polyp in his throat!! 
Hahh! We were well entertained by the balloon blowing at the table. 
 It was a very fun party I have to say, and Colin is really grown up 
if he is willing to hang with his family on his birthday, wouldn't you agree?
 This morning I was out in the garden, the air is turning cooler 
and I had to wear a jacket as I took the dogs out for a quick walk.  
A couple of tomato plants Justin put in late in the season after 
he moved here  are hopefully going to get the chance to have
 the fruit ripen before a killing frost.  Next year he wants to 
put in a larger vegetable garden, which would be very nice.
Finally, a shot of Dillon and Tobey out on our walk.  
I love my dogs.  Sylvia the schnoodle lives in the basement apartment
 and we won't see her til the end of the day when she comes upstairs to
 hang out with us all after work day is done.  
So thats it from the Maison Decor home and shopfront for a week in September!  
Oh and the last bit of news:
We are now shipping Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan
 as well as the Soft wax.
I believe we have every color in stock in quarts
 at the present time, along with the wax.  
You can check it out at 
and get the lowest pricing available in Chalk Paint!


  1. Ok Amy,
    First I was smitten with the owl pillows, then the dog figurines and so excited knowing I am visiting the shop Friday! But THEN you had to show pics of amazing looking pizza. Now I have pizza on the brain.

  2. love seeing and hearing all your news, shop and life! those owl pillows wonderful, and love that great black chest at the store.

  3. what a wonderful life you have made for you and your family. love all commentary and the glimpses behind the scenes. and tons of cute stock in your stores! dreamy!



  4. You have such a busy life! I love the birthday party pictures--so glad you guys don't only work and you make time for fun!

  5. Hi Amy. Your place is looking better than great! Im glad your going to get a day off. You certainly deserve it!

    We will be in N.H. and Maine the week of Oct 7th. We will be able to come to the store and meet you and the family.

    Your blog and Justin's are great and so informative.
    See you soon. Arleen

  6. Thanks so much for today's blog. Because of it I just went into your store and bought both the large and small Rustic French Wall Pockets. They are exactly what I'd been looking for! You've made my day:)

  7. Ha! Sounds like a fun birthday! and Whew! you guys are so busy, with the shop and moving and all... Can't wait to see the new apartment painted and decorated too. The shop looks amazing as always.


  8. Love all of your treasures in your shop!Love all of your beautiful photos of your shop!

  9. Your store is incredible and your garden is so lovely. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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