Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Party for Justin and Madison and a video

 As everybody knows, hosting a party takes a bit of work. 
 Cleaning and cooking and all that stuff.  
We were hosting an engagement dinner party
for Justin and his fiance, Madison.  I love to entertain and lets just
 say its been awhile.... since I opened the store I really don't have
 time to do this kind of thing anymore.  But at last the hour was upon us,
so I clicked off a couple of pics of the house all clean and sparkly, 
after putting on a little black dress and now I was ready to celebrate!
Even Sylvia, Justin and Madison's little girl schnoodle, 
got a trip to the groomer
for the big party.  We all decided we liked her 
former look better, all scruffy and adorable, so this may 
be the last time we see her trimmed up. 
 Tobey went to the groomer as well.  Here he is relaxing 
while his mother is busy ironing a white table cloth and vacuuming the house. 
 Yes, the house was ready for a party~and this time I wasn't cooking! 
 I had a caterer bring us the food and do the set up and
 I can only say it made for such an enjoyable 
experience on my part! Much less stress and planning needed! 
 We were having 18 people, all family members, 
and I tried to make sure there were enough seats gathered 
together so we could sit and talk and get to 
know one another as the families had yet to meet.
 So lots of extra seating was squeezed in here and there
 and it ended up working our perfectly! 
Right before the guests arrived I managed to get Madison and Justin
 outside for a quick photo shoot.
I got some nice pictures, and this one was taken 
right after we finished.  I thought it was very sweet.
 Justin and Madison
Two brothers, Two sisters...One Happy Couple!
 Then inside the guests arrived a few at a time and more photos were snapped.  
This is Taylor, Madison's little sister. 
 They both looked beautiful and were brimming with excitement! 
 At this moment it was as if the party swirled around the happy couple 
and only when I called them did they look up from their conversation 
with one another.  I was getting the message to put down the camera, 
so I only had a couple more clicks left in me that night 
without getting everybody nervous.
 Ok, one more private moment...its a once in a lifetime affair, 
and I wanted to give them something they will really treasure as the years go by.
 The party was in full swing and as I walked into the kitchen I saw Colin with my camera! 
 Hah! I loved it! There would be a pic of me at the party afterall. 
Mr. Maison Decor is right behind me.  At the beginning of the night 
Colin did take a posed photo of us in the dining room. 
Its rare we get a pic together, as I am usually the one taking all of the photos.
Mr and Mrs Maison Decor, has a nice ring to it, don't you think?!
 A cute moment with Sylvia and Mr. Maison Decor on the sofa during the party.
 Waving at the camera is Madison's grandfather, Ray, 
while my mother (Justin's grandmother) tickled the ivories.
I pretended I forgot how to play the piano and I asked her to sit down
and refresh my memory.  It worked like a charm! 
We even played a duette and then she was on her own!
Before we knew it the night had come to an end~
everyone had a great time and we loved Madison's family! 
So thankful and grateful for the love they share and 
 we look forward to what the future holds.

If you want to see me playing the piano with my mom
while my mother in law looks on, click on the arrow.



  1. So many good looking and happy couples Amy!! A great party!!

    Review: "Fifth Avenue Style"

  2. Everything looked so pretty in your home for the party! Your son and his fiancé make a cute couple. I loved watching the video of you and your mom on the piano! I've played that same duet before when I was little. I grew up with a piano in the house. My dad played.

  3. Hi Amy,
    I feel your excitement and I am so happy for you.

  4. oh, I love it Amy!!! such a great evening with everyone together. you look beautiful, much better than Diane Keaton!! LOL!!

  5. Great party Amy! I'm so glad that you shared it with us. They are a beautiful couple. You look fabulous too.


  6. Wauw what a nice happy family!
    Nice to have a peek on your party!
    groetjes van Marijke

  7. Thank you for inviting me along - I had a great time, everyone looked so relaxed and friendly and the lovely couple looked a treat. Well done, your home looked fantastic too. I bet you get some orders from this. xx Thanks again for sharing. Mary

  8. I feel like I was almost there!! The house looks beautiful as do all of you, looks like a fun night was had by all. Congrats to the beautiful couple!

  9. Beautiful home, party and family . LOVED it

  10. That video was a hoot! Too funny that you shared it. What a great night!

  11. What a nice gathering. Your house looked beautiful, you looked great. What a great idea, to cater the get together. It was fun for you to share the piano playing with your mom. Thanks for sharing. Paula

  12. hi Amy, Great pictures of you your family and Madison's. Justin and Madison are a great match.

    Your home is beautiful! And so are you.

    When I stopped by your shop a few weeks ago I fell in love with everything! While I was talking with Colon, Jason was helping a customer with paint. Jason took the time to combine the colors of grey to show her her options which were many. I can see why AS paints are so great!

  13. It's mee again. Colin, I meant Colin. I just smacked the heck out of my finger. Sorry!

  14. How did I miss this post! Gah! Blogger hates me!
    I am crying like a big, fat baby over the sheer beauty and love you are surrounded by!



  15. Haha! The video was cute! You sooo have the best personality, it shows through on the video. Your skin looks beautiful in the photos too. What in the world do you use? It looks like it was such a nice party, everyone looks like they are having a great time... and it's fun as anything to see your pretty house again...



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