Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday update from home: our Furniture Sale, My sketches and more

 One thing I enjoy doing is sketching whimsical scenes.  I did a couple of sketches a few months ago for two of my friends who I met since becoming at stockist for Annie Sloan.  One friend lives in France and her name is Claire. She has a dog named Derek and he has become her steadfast sidekick.  He is a bit of a nuisance at times and once she blogged about him chewing up her expensive Annie paint brushes.  So I was inspired by that to draw this sketch for Claire.  Derek sits on her french settee that is in her shop and I put a chewed up brush next to him for a laugh.  We often share jokes about this and that over FB message service and this little sketch includes some of those.  I meant to send this sketch to France but got busy with life and the running of my own shop and kind of forgot about this sketch that just sat in my sketchpad.  Well after Colin graduated from UMASS he got his diploma in the mail and I decided to go to the frame shop and have it properly mounted and framed as it was a big achievement.  Then I remembered the sketch and decided to frame it up before I sent it to France to insure Claire would hang it up properly and get a laugh perhaps.  The framer told me I could do it with a high end type of plexi glass that looks like glass, but wouldn't break on its way over to France.  I swear it really does look like glass! Anyway, I also did another sketch that day,
 and it was for my friend in Florida, Robyn.
 This is the sketch I did for Robyn. Robyn Story is pretty much a Retail Tycoon! 
She is known for her luxurious decorating style and her over the 
top store in Tampa Florida.  I had a bit of fun with this sketch in
 that Robyn never wears colored clothing. Only black. Seriously, 
I have never seen her in a color. 
So I decided to put her in a purple pantsuit just because I could!! 
The rest is pretty much true to Robyn, the big chandelier, the leopard carpeting~
all those things you might find in her shop. I had a lot of fun creating 
these sketches and I have one or two more up my sleeve hopefully soon.
Yesterday Mr. Maison Decor and I went to a funeral service for a beloved family member of his.  Barbara was a spry yankee gal who lived up to her 90th year without much of a hiccup, but then slipped and fell and hit her head and died very soon after. It was a shock to all of us, but I think she was lucky really to have lived her life without having to leave it with much suffering.  Her service was so wonderful, all the speakers including the minister did such a great job remembering all the things that made her special.  Both hubby and I left feeling uplifted and touched.  We have been to many services that just don't do the deceased justice. Do you know what I mean? Kind of a bland memorial that could fit just about anyone, I have heard too many of those kind of send offs.  So this was really beautiful to be part of, and I know she would have been pleased. 
RIP Barbara.
So as you know, life goes on and while I was at the funeral Colin attended 
the auction for our shop.  We will be having some lovely pieces come into 
Maison Decor in the coming week.  Two servers, one petite shown above, 
and a larger Hepplewhite style server/buffet.  
Also a great looking ornate dresser similar in style to our 
Paris Grey buffet, and some other tables.  
 We will be arranging the shop again as much of our furniture has sold!  
We have had a huge month so far selling a lot of furniture.
Then we have to move things around, and so we create little moments or 
vignettes to inspire the home owner to visualize the piece in their space.
 Our chandy supply has been selling off one by one too..
the large Empire chandy is not for sale, as I love it too much to part with it.  
I like the ambience it gives our shop and that is why it hangs in the window.
Our 9 foot long industrial table is in the window and has the most
wonderful patina! I can think of a million things to do with this table.
But for now it is a great display piece for whatever we out on top.
 The dresser that we got at auction could be a twin to this buffet.  
How about that huge antique french laundry basket? You never know 
what is going to be in our shop~it changes up weekly so pop in and take 
a whirl around the shop.
 I finished upholstering this pair of chairs after I painted them.
 Instead of going all frou frou with the fabric 
I picked out a mens wear style pattern for the upholstery.
 Its a silvery grey pattern and I loved how these came out!
 They sold before I put the fabric on however, and I have to say 
if they hadn't I might have taken them home to keep.
 We picked up a couple of industrial carts from a New Hampshire factory.  
These are the real deal. We sold two and have two left.  They really are amazing
pieces with plenty of industrial chicness to add to any dwelling.
See the original paint on the cast iron hardware?  
And the lettering stamped on the wood sides?
These babies run for $1300 at Restoration Hardware. 
Ours are about a third the price!
And with the Columbus Day Sale we are running 
(last day is Columbus Day 10-14-13), 
you can get an extra 20% off any furniture purchase including these fabulous carts!
So come on in on Monday and check out our prices and stock.
We would love to see you!



  1. The pieces in your shop are amazing, Amy! You tend to every detail. The whole experience must bring you such joy.
    Have fun with your sale!

  2. There are so many things I love about this post! I could write a novel in response! LOL!
    HOW on earth do you have the time for all your wonderful, creative endeavors, my friend? Blows my mind!
    Your friend left this world in the precise manner and age that I wish to. I hope all goes as planned! LOL! I want them to play "Pump It Up" by Elvis Costello in a loop at the funeral!



  3. Love those cute sketches. Reminds me I still need to frame the own you did for me. Need to put that at the top of the list. Love everything in your store. How fun to be surrounded by all those pretty things. I can't believe you found original industrial carts! I thought those would be few and far between and at such a great price! I adore that buffet of course painted all gray. It would fit right in at the American Horror Story house.

  4. First of all, I'm sorry for your loss. It sounds like Barbara lived a full life. Love your sketches, of course, and, the shop, always beautiful.

  5. I am sorry about the loss of your friend, that is never easy.

    Your shop and talents just get better every day...seriously beautiful Amy!

  6. Love your sketches, Amy. They are fun and I love whimsy. Robyn and I have black in common then. That is what I usually wear, too. lol

    Lots of good things in the shop and I really like the tweed on the chairs. xo Diana

  7. Sorry for your loss, Amy. Barbara sounds lovely.

    Your sketches are so fun - I adore whimsy and wish I could draw. Everything in your shop is so beautiful, wish I was there.

  8. Amy, Sorry for your loss. I was in to see your shop on Friday. it's so pretty. Loved everything you have. Coming from Tn. by air didnt allow me to purchase much.

    It was fun to meet Colin and Justin. They are such gentleman and have eyes that Annie Slone should copy for a new blue.

    Sorry I missed you. Arleen

  9. The shop looks fabulous! Sounds like it's going really really well there too. Those sketches are adorable. So whimsical and fun and Frenchy looking. I love the one of the doggie on the sofa with the chewed up brush. What a treasure your drawings are. You must have so much fun doing them. and... what a sweet funeral. So sorry to hear she passed, but really so nice she didn't have to suffer, and that her funeral uplifted and touched everyone...


  10. Your sketches are so fun and whimsical. Your friends should love them. The menswear fabric is a nice touch to those wonderful chairs. Neutral, but still stylish. Wish I lived close to your shop. I'm sure I would frequent it often.

  11. Ah! I love those sketches! Your friends are lucky to have these treasures! The one in France looks like she has an Italian Greyhound...or Whippit? I have 4 of them...Rescues at family! ;-) Love the pieces and the shop! How wonderful...and condolences on the passing of a treasured family member...but a nice long full life!


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