Sunday, March 23, 2014

How I Found My Style Sundays

How did I find my style?  What is my decorating style?
 What things do I love best in my home? 
What tips can I give those interested in their own pursuit of home decorating? 
 I was invited to answer these questions for Pamela today 
as a guest blogger at From My Front Porch to Yours:
  How I Found My Style Sundays.

How I Found My Style
   The funny thing is that I find my style is always in a progression of change. 
 Its not a static thing for me, and maybe you can relate to that....
or maybe you do things once and the room stays like that because its "done"? 
My style is in flux~ever changing. Want to hear more?
Head over to Pamela's to read more on how I found my style!
Shabby Chic Cottage Style
Did I keep this look, or change it out?
Find out more....


  1. Love your views on design and you are chock full of good information Amy. I look forward to visiting your post.

  2. It was great seeing you featured over at Pamela's today!

  3. Amy- I LOVE your style- I always have- xo Diana

  4. I went over there. It was fun seeing all the incarnations of your living room! Love those two topiaries on the sofa table too...



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