Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Our son's wedding, through an iPhone lens.

 Justin married Madison this first weekend in October in Portland Maine!
Since it was a two hour drive from our Boston home, we rented a place
for our family and dogs to stay so we could all be together and share in 
this major event!  I found this amazing home on a 60 acre Audubon preserve
only ten minutes outside of bustling Portland and it proved to be the perfect spot.
 There will be tons of photos, so  I will try keep the story telling to a minimum.
Upon arrival to Sea Cove (this house even had its own name!) we were excited to get
inside and check it out.  It sleeps 9 and I had a bed for everyone!  My parents, my 
mother in law, my sons, one girlfriend, me and hubby and the dogs.  How 
cool is that? It was like a big chill weekend for us topped off with a wedding!
 Sylvia, Justin and Madison's schnoodle checked out our view~
spectacular vistas of Casco Bay
were on the horizon, with fields and
 walking trails for birders, dotted with stone walls.
 First thing I did was sit out on the front porch with the guys and have a glass of wine before we headed to the Rehearsal dinner that night.  I had about 90 minutes to get ready and make floral centerpieces for 6 tables at the Irish Pub called Ri Ra that would be our destination.
Then it was up to my bedroom to get ready for the party!
I was honestly feeling like Oprah, 
staying in such a beautiful home in such a private setting.
Don't you just love it when something exceeds your expectations?
I went into my private dressing room and donned my sweater dress and boots
and headed down to the lovely kitchen.
 I had to quickly whip together some simple floral
centerpieces for the bar top tables using my collection of antique
purple transferware pitchers and teapots. I got some purplish pink roses 
from Costco and clipped wild asters from my garden and brought them with 
me to make the arrangements before the rehearsal party.
After I made them, we would pack them into a box and head over to the party~
I set them up on the long harvest wood dining table in our home. 
 I was falling in love with Sea Cove! Every little detail was so well thought out.
Our house was filling up with family!
Son Brandon and GF Mimi had flown in from LA for the wedding.
Colin would be sharing best man duties with Brandon.  This is one of the few shots I have
of the living room area~a huge linen sectional sofa wrapped around the room,
and large picture windows afforded us the gorgeous view.
And suddenly the party was a bit of a blur~
I didn't take that many pics, but here are a few of my family.
My mom and Colin
 Dad and my sister Ellen
 Brandon and his Dad Barry
 The brides family sat near a chalkboard that read
 "Today's Special: Love and Marriage"
The groom and the bride looking ever so perfect and happy!
We had a nice dinner with toasts to the couple.
We were laughing and crying and all that kind of raw emotion
that just seems to bubble out of you at special times like these.
Before I knew it morning had come!! We had a wedding to set up for!! 
 I grabbed a quick cup of coffee and a  croissant
 before we headed out to the wedding reception venue to decorate.
Sea Cove was stocked with charming Polish stoneware and lovely furnishings.
It made our stay all the more wonderful.  Room for everyone to gather
and assemble, and plenty of bathrooms for all to get ready.
And then we were off~
 Mr. Maison Decor towed a trailer loaded with wedding furnishings and when we arrived 
we had lots of helpers including my 84 year old dad! You can see them 
offloading my antique French settee that would be the wedding bench at the head table.
 Earlier I shared pics of how we got the room together~
It was essentially a blank canvas that Justin needed to fill up to create his vision.  
And so it all came together as easily as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Everyone
was busy doing tasks and at the end we thought to ourselves
 somehow it looked better than we had imagined!
The long tables in the middle would be pulled out later to form a long row
after the wedding was over.
 J's dad Barry was hanging air terrariums from the beams, 
while wedding chairs were set up 
to accommodate the indoor wedding, as the threat of rain
 had descended and the outdoor wedding was scratched.  
 One corner of the room was set up for the wedding and the
 rest of the room set up for the reception.
After the wedding ceremony the chairs would be returned to the 
tables and the wedding area would
become the dance floor. Easy peasy, and it worked out seamlessly. 
In a few short hours Justin and Madison would tie the knot!
 Chalkboards were made by Justin to help guests find their way
 in this rustic marine complex.
There were two large brick buildings on the water that were
 connected by a walkway.  The larger 
of the two was a set up station and meeting area that fed down 
the long hallway to the reception venue.
This photo is taken from the larger room that we would gather
 in to have our posed wedding
photos taken right after the ceremony. It is also where the bride
 and her bridal party would wait before the ceremony.
 The head table was set up with clusters of flowers in vintage bottles
 and the old French settee was dressed with linen pillows and one Mr and Mrs pillow
so there was no room for doubt.
Old chippy doors were scavenged by Justin for his wedding and
 used as a rustic backdrop. The wedding venue was all set up and we left to get ready~back to the house and into the shower and then
on with the lovely dresses and suits and brand new shoes.
 The photographer and videographer would be coming to our
 house to shoot the groom and his groomsmen as they prepared for the event.
 The guys gathered round the island and Justin handed out gifts.
Henry and Mac's photographer Zac was shooting the guys,
 while Dana, his wife, was shooting the bridal party at Madison's hotel.
 Sailor Abe Films was videoing
the entire day, creating a love story movie that I cannot wait to see!
After opening gifts and last minute adjustments, 
it was time for the guys to hit the road. 
They were ready to get going and I was lucky to grab
 these quick shots as I came down the stairs.
 Off into the fog they went, looking splendid and dapper.
 Oops, the groom forgot something and came sprinting back to the house!
He was looking so handsome in his custom made suit from
Alton Lane, on Newbury Street Boston.  His shirt had the date
monogrammed on the sleeve, and the inside of the jacket did as well.
 I stole him for a few seconds for this photo on the porch. 
 Justin was cool and collected all day long from start to finish. 
 I was in awe.
 He sprinted off and then Mimi took one of me in 
my navy lace dress as I watched the guys depart.
Next, I took one of Mimi in her beautiful smokey blue dress.  
Blue was proving to be the color of the day.
 My handsome husband and his sweet mother Claire were all ready to go!
 We got to the Portland Company and headed into the back room
 where the bridal party awaited.
We would all get our marching orders and assemble in the long hallway
 to be ushered into the wedding. Madison looked so beautiful in her dress! 
 We all lined up....the girls carried bouquets of ornamental cabbage. 
 A nod to Madison's farming background and perfect for this country wedding.
 And the moment had finally arrived. They were being married.  They wrote their own vows  and shared them in front of the small gathering of invited guests. It was the prettiest and most genuine wedding.  I was so proud of my son and so happy to have a daughter in the family.  
I shed a few tears, even though I didn't think I would.  
Then as soon as they were married we were all whisked back
 to the big empty room where the photogs had their sessions~
one group after another. The light was fading and they were so professional 
in their manner and execution.  You have seen some of the preliminary photos 
on my post before this one, and I cannot wait to see
 all the photos and of course I will share.
 Our family gathered for one shot after another by Dana and Zac of 
Henry and Mac.  
It was so wonderfully excited and happening so quickly! 
They were married!! 
We would soon be dancing and eating and making merry!
 And suddenly we were!  It was a pizza party with a 
brick oven pizza company that set up 
a brick oven outside and wonderful crispy tasty pizzas were being
 delivered into the room!  The beer and wine were flowing!
 And after the eating there would be lots of dancing
 and taking photos and all that good stuff.
Blurry or not, these pics give the feeling of how happy we all were to be there!
My sister Ellen and I were captured by my sister Susan who traveled out from KC.
Say cheese!  Lots of this going on all night long!
Madison's little sister Taylor was snapping a pic while my
 sister Ellen was snapping her near the dance floor as Justin's dad Barry looked on.
And soon the night was over. 
 Just like that. 
 And the sun rose that Sunday morning and it was a beautiful day. 
 Lots of time to remember the moments and look at the pics 
we took and share a few laughs over brunch.
 Dad got the coffee going, I settled in and put up my sore feet. 
 The house was quiet with the revelers still tucked in their beds.
 And the day passed and turned to night.  Justin and Madison 
came from their hotel to spend the last night with us.  
Brandon and Mimi flew back to LA, Colin left early as he 
was now a working guy and had to be to work in the morning. 
 So with just my hubby and our parents left we had a lovely dinner
 together with the new Mr. and Mrs. Power.  
 I tried to get a group photo as we gathered around the harvest table...

 But it was harder than I hubs took a selfie, 
and the only one cut out was his mom. Later that night we watched Tom Brady
 and the New England Patriots kick butt and we went to bed happy and tired, 
with the new couple sleeping as man and wife. 
 All was right in the world,
 at least in this little slice of heaven called Sea Cove.
 Then came Monday. 
 The sun was out, and finally it was time to go home.
I caught Justin outside on a solitary walk in front of the house, 
I am sure he was reminiscing about his wedding and his new bride.
 One by one we gathered on the porch to take one
 last look at the beautiful Maine seacoast.
 One last posed photo with my parents their first grandson
 and his bride before we all went back to real life.  
What a weekend. What a wedding.
 Real life, real love.  It is so good.



  1. what a beautiful post! {enjoying my research!}


  2. Wow, what a beautiful wedding, and what a beautiful family you have. You are a lucky woman. Thank you for sharing this special time with us!


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