Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Painted Chair: Fabric and Frame, French Style!

Looks like a Duck Egg Blue chair with leather upholstery
and a bit of gilding on the same tone frame.
But it didn't always look like this!
 The chair was circa 1980 or so...perfectly
nice, but dated floral fabric and peachy wood tone.
 Go ahead and paint both the fabric and the frame.
 This polished cotton fabric was a breeze to paint.
First you mist your fabric with a bottle sprayer using water.
Then dip brush into water then right into paint can and spread onto
the fabric.  The mixture will be too light to usually cover in one coat.
Let it dry, then follow up again with the water and the paint on a second coat.
This way the paint will not be too heavy to cause cracking on the paint.
 You can see the faint pattern of the floral design through the one coat of paint.
This is the chair after the second coat of paint. 
I finished it by sanding it lightly with 500 grit paper over the 
dried painted fabric.  This will make it smooth to the touch.
Afterwards I waxed it with a 50/50 mix of mineral spirits and
Annie Sloan's Clear Soft Wax.  Mix it up til its nice and smushy and 
then spread around the fabric with a wax brush. Wipe off any excess.
If you want to add gilding wax, now is the time.
Add gilding wax like I did here, using King Gold Gilding Wax
for a lovely gilded look.  

You have a brand new chair with a beautiful new look!


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