Friday, January 16, 2015

Getting ready for a magazine shoot

I am excited to tell you that Designer Matthew Mead will be 
coming to my humble abode this month to do a photo shoot
for his new Matthew Mead magazine series coming out this spring!
There will be 4 issues, and me and my home will be in his second one:
Its so awesome to be considered to be in one 
of Matthew Mead's beautiful publications.
Under the umbrella of designer, Matthew is known
for his fantastic photography and styling.
So he will be putting the touches on my home
and then shooting it~how cool is that?
Just like you can imagine, if all of a sudden you knew your home 
was going to be photographed, you would freak out, 
and then look around and get some of those projects you
have wanted to do, but never gotten around to starting.
Since I opened my store(s) almost three years ago, my
home has suffered from lack of attention.
So this was the perfect opportunity to spring into
action and have a little fun. 
I asked my design assistant from my shop, Gina Dechant,
to come over last week to help me.  A  new floor plan 
for the living room was first on the list.
Flipping a couch and carpet around to see if you like
it is not something I can do by myself....and if I ask
hubby I fear he may say he likes it just the way it is.
I wasn't sure the sofa would fit the way I thought it might.
It has always been in front of the windows.  After I started 
painting the piano, I wondered if maybe I could flip the sofa so
its back was to the piano, and center the seating on the fireplace.
So that is what we did, and I have to tell you...
we all LOVE it!
The windows are now opened up and exposed their full length
and the couch and chairs are
nestled in front of the fireplace ~ its so cozy!
I painted the backs of the bookcases with Duck Egg Chalk Paint
and its very pretty.  The chairs are vintage velvet in a celery green
and the toss pillows  are from HomeGoods.  Lots of white
with green and duck egg blue is in this room.  Wishing I could 
take better photos, and not be in such a hurry.  But my sister Ellen
informed me I have taken too long to put up my next post,
so these iPhone pics will just have to do.
Deciding on lampshades for the candlesticks lamps.
Neither of those I think will be the final choice.
Things have come from my shop into my home,
its fun getting it all freshened up.
Not only do I have the house to get ready,
the store is still calling my name.
We are having lots of winter workshops at Maison Decor.
Yesterday we had an Artisan Enhancements workshop
which has more decorative products like metallics
and crackle mediums that we use with Annie Sloan 
Chalk Paint to create special effects.
Here Gina Dechant shows how to apply an aggregate style
plaster through a stencil for a raised design on an artist canvas.
At the end of it all we had this~pretty neat, eh?
Of course we have bigger groups that take the Chalk Paint Intro class
I teach that is really my "everything class" for Annie Sloan paint.
Its a sellout every month and we have people who already use the paint
are telling us they have many lightbulb moments during the workshop.
So if you paint but want to learn much more, take out Intro workshop
as it really covers every base with the painting and the waxing.  
 I am coming and going and my furry pals 
watch me with great interest.
I just adore these two!
Sylvia and Dillon gave me the look as I got ready to leave for
work the other day. I had to take their forlorn faces, as if they 
were saying to me  "oh please tell us you are not leaving us".
Nothing I would rather do lately than stay home with them
working on things in my home. 
Painting, wallpapering, stapling ( as in the beautiful linen sheers
 I put inside the china cabinet) sewing,
creating, rearranging...I just love that this opportunity 
to be in the magazine has brought all of those pleasures back to me. 
 So thank you Matthew!
Please don't tell me you are coming any day soon as I still 
have a few more projects to complete.
And one is to finish off this piano.
And paint the kitchen backsplash.
And do something with my bedroom...
I will get it all done!
In the meantime~
He is everywhere these days!
And soon will be right in my own home.
Stay tuned peeps.


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