Friday, January 23, 2015

Taylor's Surgery

If Taylor could speak for herself, she would surely
tell you all how humbled and grateful she is for
the amazing response to her fundraiser.  We have been
blown away by how truly good people are, and how
many who have given to Taylor's heart fund are
those we have never met.  Connections made through this
blog and on Facebook are as real as any.  
People care.
Yesterday Taylor had her LVAD heart pump installed 
into her little body.  Its a pretty big pump and we were told to expect
her to be in surgery for 8 to 12 hours.  Justin and Madison were at 
the hospital, along with Taylor's parents, as they have been since
her hospitalization.  After Taylor was wheeled off to surgery,
Madison updated the GoFundMe site to let us know everything as
it was unfolding.  She said Tay was in great spirits.  
And then the waiting began.  
After about 5 hours in the waiting room Madison
and Justin left to get a breath of fresh air, and started walking down
the city streets that surround Brigham and Womens.  Shortly there 
after, Madison's phone rang and she was told that the surgery had
been completed.  Wait....what?! How could this 8 hour surgery be
finished in under 6 hours?? Was everything ok?  Did the pump
not fit into Taylor because she is so tiny?  All these thoughts raced
through Madison's head as she and Justin rushed back.
Turns out that our tiny Taylor is a champ!! 
She flew through the surgery with no problems at all, 
at the hands of one of the best surgeon in the 
country.  And to make things even better, she was soon 
recovering faster than any of the nurses had
 seen, as this surgery is rarely performed on someone this young.
Taylor is doing better than expected and for that we are all
so grateful.  We are very grateful for your generosity and your prayers.
Our family is blessed, and feeling strong.
Taylor is in good hands and has an army on her side.

To visit Taylors Heart Fund for detailed updates
and for donation information, click here.


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