Saturday, July 11, 2015

Summertime shots around the house

Its summer time and I am in a very white and blue mode.  More white
than blue.  I loved this throw I picked up on Martha's Vineyard at a local
home goods shop in Vineyard Haven.  I'm inspired to clean and pare down
the look around the house.  Hiding things in baskets, like this HomeGoods chest, 
 helps me achieve this goal of less is more.  
One new basket I love is this triple container with a handle that I also got at HG.
I loaded it up with our everyday silverware and it is one of my favorite home 
improvements (on the tiny end of making changes around the house). 
 It has made it easier to unload the dishwasher as it all goes right
into the basket, as well as carrying it out to the courtyard for summer dinners,
or simply grabbing a spoon to stir the coffee fresh from the Keurig.

 Our summer garden has started producing tomatoes, which is really awesome. 
 Cuttings from our mint and basil plants are stuffed into the baby silver cups and 
line the windowsill making for a summer-fresh display.
Summer time is fleeting, and I am so happy to be home and not in a shop
this year so I can enjoy the simple things.  
We have some interior changes coming up this summer that I am excited
about, the best will be getting our French door installed!
Hoping you are making the most out of your precious summertime.
It's in full swing here, with one beautiful day after another.
And I'm loving it. 

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Note: This post is partially sponsored by HomeGoods as part of my participation in their designer board on Pinterest, Happy by Design. 


  1. So serene and calming, Amy. I'm afraid my Summer shots would be nothing but Matchbox cars and legos strewn about every table and floor and a couple of small fries hanging around in their underoos. :) Ah, the lazy days of Summer!

  2. Love these, and you make summer look awfully pretty! Hope you are having a good one.

  3. Glad you are enjoying the simple things Amy!....those all of your beautiful summer decor. Looking forward to the changes you have for us to see!

  4. How very sweet to put the cut herbs on your sill in silver baby cups!! Wonderful idea that I am going to borrow!! xo Leslie

  5. Looks great! Glad you are having more time and fun to play around your house Amy!

  6. Such a pretty home. I am feeling white too...and blue gray for summertime.


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