Friday, April 15, 2016

Blue Fairy Tale Table

Once upon a time, I had a little French shop called Maison Decor. It was in a town outside of Boston and inside of it were treasures to be found.  One of the most special treasures was a hand painted set of furniture that was more than a hundred years old. I was told it was from the late 17th century and was either French or Italian, by the auction house expert. The set comprised a daybed, a chest of drawers, a chair and a tea table. It was painted in the prettiest of all blues, by an accomplished artist who rendered scenes in cameos and decorated every inch with special care.
There were sea faring scenes of fancy wigged men and lovely ladies in formal gowns.  Roses and flourishes adorned the bed, and the furniture seemed to tell a story.  But what it was remains to be interpreted by anyone's imagination.  I was so enchanted by the set, I quickly decided to keep the tea table for myself.  The dresser, was kept by my designer friend, Betsy Speert, who purchased this set at auction, with the intention of keeping just the dresser, and I would sell the rest of the lot in my little shop.  In the end, the entire ensemble was parceled out~ the dresser to Betsy, the table to me, the day bed for a woman who wanted it for her home office, and the chair to a man from Boston who was searching for just that kind of antique chair.  Kind of sad in a way, isn't it?  I adored that set.  And it was really one of the first blue pieces I ever owned, and perhaps was the turning point when I began my love affair with blue.
So the pretty tea table came home with me, and became the 
focal point of our living room.
Its fun to think of where it might have stood all those other years before.
It's gotten hundreds of compliments and I never tired of it.  In retrospect, I wish
I kept the rest of the set....but I didn't. In the meantime, after adding a set of
French doors in the dining room, I had to find a spot for the huge chippy chest we
had, along the window that was now a door.
And there was really only one place for it...
The trunk/chest would go smack dab in the middle of the living room.
And as you can see, I have added more blue to my home with the 
newly painted walls in a Woodlawn Blue by Ben Moore. 
But where did that leave my Fairy Tale tea table?
Many have asked in hopes that I still own the table. 
Do not fear, as I will never let her go.
It is no longer in a spot where it catches the eye of my camera very often.
She sits in the corner of the living room now. 
Not the best spot for her, but for now it works. 
 Each morning when I have my coffee in the morning on the sofa I look across and admire her.
And Mr. Maison Decor sits in the green chair and has his coffee next to her. It is our routine,
and routines and things have a way of making moments or spaces especially "ours", 
as I am sure you all do as well. 
And sometimes I think of what special girl or woman this set was made for.  
Did she live by the oceanside in France or Italy?  
Was she a fancy girl or one not so fancy, but her parents wanted her to feel 
as special as Marie Antoinette may have...
Whoever she was, I am sure she loved it as much as I do.
I'm linking up today with a few talented designer friends dedicated to the color blue! 
Please visit each of them linked below for a dose of inspiration!

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  1. I so love that beautiful, romantic and charming table!...What a great find....and I think that with several people taking a piece of the set that they loved is a great thing as it will be loved my many. Such a treasure Amy! Great to party with you today and have a great weekend!

  2. This is a nice little story about the feelings that furniture can evoke. :-)

  3. Amy, that little table is gorgeous!! Too bad the set had to be broken up. I'm glad you got to keep this little beauty.

  4. So pretty! I can't understand why people would prefer melamine-covered plywood to such beautiful antiques. It must give you pleasure every time your eyes land on it. Marie Kondo would approve....

  5. What a beautiful treasure, Amy! It would be so wonderful to know its history. You don't find pieces like this often. I'm sure the other owners treasure their pieces too!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  6. Amy, I loved reading this story-of-a-post! Your tea table is an extraordinary treasure! I remember seeing it on Decorate with Matthew and Amy. LOVE it!!!!

  7. Oh, that is such a pretty table! I'd hate to break up a set, but then again decorating with a w hole set is so matchy matchy it's nice that several people can now enjoy it!

  8. Such a stunning table Amy!! I absolutely love it and it is so perfect for your home and style!

  9. Amy, this little beauty is breathtaking! What a special piece, I can understand why you would never want to part with her.These beautiful hand painted French and Italian pieces are becoming quite rare to find. I recently found a little painted chest at an estate sale that I'm hoping will work in the foyer when it's renovated. I'm completely smitten with your tea table!
    Edith & Evelyn

  10. So beautiful and what history! its pieces like this that make a house a home!!! xo Leslie Sinclair

  11. Just lovely. As much as I think that table is fabulous, what took my breath away is the cornices in your living room. Please tell me all about them. I am sure other's would like to know as well! I want them!

  12. Its not sad at all, this chosen piece was one that you chose to,stand out in your space and commanded all the attention beautifully.
    I once had a home full of blue and then weeded it out for shades of French greens, to then down size and feel the need to go more neutral allowing my space less competition with each piece. I now want to add blue back in, and have been leaning this colour along with golden French butters. And perhaps touches of blacks.
    This French table is amazing set center stage In Your room that lives beautifully now :)

    Love that you can stack French history, art, and design books under it adding that layering you are so known for here.
    Love the back drop wall with the mirror, funny how a new delicate piece painted up with so much charm can change the whole feel in designing around it. I can see some French heavy frames in Gold and grey antiquing with sea art in them hanging about, a bowl of oyster shells displayed, being the French are the largest farmers in oysters European wide.
    Wish this were my new find? I would place it right infront of my sofa as well, perhaps a side table next to my bed, it would be a struggle as to where I would want to see it most :)

    See you soon dear.



  13. Hi Amy it's been a long time since I logged into my blog page it must be 4 years at least. I searched for your blog on Google just to see how things are. By the looks of it a lot has changed, you was only just setting up shop when I last logged in. Lovely furniture as always xx Tracy from Manchester UK if I knew you were coming Id baked a cake blog.

  14. Thank you so much that was a great story and a lovely table.

  15. What an enchanting table! I'm sure she does, indeed, have stories to tell! I love that you kept that piece. I am like you, I keep my antiques forever. They may move, or be used in a different way or in a different room, but they don't ever leave. They are like family members!

    I too adore blue (and am about to re-do my family room with that as the accent color!) and loved this post. (I'm going to pop over to the other ones now:))



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