Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Toasting Mary Emmerling in NYC

Wow! Today is going to be a special day...
I am headed to NYC with Matthew Mead, to join him tonight at a party
for guest of honor, Mary Emmerling, the iconic Country Style designer.
She has had a storybook career in decorating and design, that has spanned five decades, starting
in the magazine business at Mademoiselle.  Mary was asked to join House Beautiful next.  She brought along a freelance gal she worked with named Martha Stewart.  They had always talked 
about doing a book together where Martha did the food and Mary the table settings. While working
for House Beautiful, Mary was also writing her first book, American Country. She was traveling the
country shooting homes for both HB and her book, which came out in 1980.  The next big thing 
for Mary was that she opened a successful shop in the 80s in NYC selling painted furniture and country style accessories, like rag rugs and ironstone pottery, primitive paintings and quilts.  Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein shopped at her American Country Store on Lexington Avenue, as did many celebs looking for that country look that Mary was famous for.  After a few months she quit House Beautiful to run the shop full time. She continued to freelance at various decorating mags, and then her own Mary Emmerling's Country Magazine came out in 1993! Her career was on fire, and her name was one with Country style. HGTV came next with her own TV show for seven years, Country at Home. In the late 90s she returned to magazines as editor of Country Home Magazine.
That is where she put a new spin on Country style by mixing in bits of modern elements, which
really made her stand out, and eventually everyone started copying. 
Phew!! So that is where I will leave off...and I will continue with Part II of the Mary Emmerling 
story after I return from New York.  Matthew credits Mary with giving him his start in
the magazine business, and he is looking forward to their reunion. 
 I am excited to get into that as well as share pics from the  party we will be at tonight! 
 And sneak in perhaps a video too??
Now what to wear....cowboy style? I've got plenty of boots and hats that is for sure, but
again, its in the city and everyone wears maybe that is the safe bet.

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  1. Ah, looking forward to hearing and seeing more! Enjoy!!

  2. Oh I always liked Mary Emmerling I have some of her first books from the 1980's and just checked out her latest book at my local library

    How exciting

    1. I love her new I am looking for her older books.

  3. I still have the premier issue of her magazine! I saved it!! Have fun tonight!

  4. How exciting! Her HGTV show was one of my favorites. Looking forward to the party details. Have fun!

  5. How exciting for you all. I became aware of Mary when we lived outside tiny town in western MT called Townsend which was south of Helena. A little craft store has her cards and few other things, the proprietor told me about Mary, that was probably mid 90's, then started seeing more about her, loved Home Companion, was sorry when she quit publishing her zine.
    After that didn't hear about her much at all. In 99' we moved to western KY (Bowling Green area) so were busy with oldest son/his family.
    So happy to see she is being celebrated, will be looking forward to seeing photos/hearing about party. How lucky to be invited to her party, enjoy.

    1. Oh I think you are confusing Mary Emmerling with Mary Englebreit?

  6. Loved reading part 1 and 2 of your NYC adventure!

  7. I have got to get her new book to add to my collection of her other books that I bought so many years ago...What an exciting opportunity you two had!

  8. Nice article about Mary's career . Glad to know I'm not the only one Loco about her decorating style . Tempis fugit !


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