Friday, July 29, 2016

Easy Alfresco Entertaining Ideas from Matthew and Amy

Making magic moments....
Would you like some beautiful outdoor entertaining ideas? 
I mentioned in the last blog post that I participated in a short film with Matthew Mead
for his upcoming presentation at Haven, the big blogging conference in Atlanta.
Matthew has given me the green light to share his images with you from that day~
and what inspiration they hold!
We filmed a story of how to create a stunning party, alfresco style. 
The setting was an enchanting pergola made of twigs and logs, 
that had grapevines covering the structure.
But regardless, you can use these ideas for your own patio or backyard or deck to
create some terrific moments for your next party.  Remember that you can always
bring an indoor piece of furniture outdoors, like a side table to use as a bar or server.
How about this centerpiece that Matthew made using a tiered display piece?
  Filled with fruits, vegetables, flowers and votive candles, 
it is a natural and beautiful centerpiece without the fussiness of 
the standard floral centerpiece many of us employ. 
Not to dismiss a floral centerpiece too quickly, Matthew created a show stopper
of a statement piece by clustering flowers in this glass and twig vase he found
at HomeGoods, and then added his own touch by spraying the base of the twigs with
his copper metallic Fusion paint from his own paint collection.  Placed on a
counter height stool, it is a stand alone piece that creates a memorable moment in any setting.
 A hint of how to get started before any party when you want to have decorating options,
just gather bunches of flowers in a theme.  These are all harvest type colors, as the film is 
geared to Fall entertaining.  For summer you could do groupings of hydrangeas and roses,
or multiple blooms from your local grocer or florist in one color-way.  
After you have your flowers, place them in the sink or in
pails and then gather your receptacles for your arrangements.  
Jelly jars, juice glasses, vases, galvanized tins, empty tomato name it!
Then create smaller centerpieces for your outdoor table tops.
Matthew created small arrangements (3 of these), and then placed them 
at the main table, instead of one large arrangement.  It was casual and chic.
Imagine your own simple picnic table....
totally transformed with fruit and flowers and a few candles.
You will be entertaining with style!
 We had such fun making this film, which was shot by the Wagner Spray Tech peeps.
I got to see the finished film and I was so impressed with how it turned out.
It will make its debut at the blog conference Haven, and then I hope to share it right here!
Until then, use these ideas to create a memorable outdoor dinner party.
Even if its just for you and your regular cast of characters.
These are the things that can add a little zip to life, 
creating moments of beauty in a world of mundane living.  
Make yours magical!

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  1. Love all the's the everyday, simple things that make an impact. You and Matthew know the magic combination to be it all look stunning and effortless. Thank you!

  2. Just beautiful Amy! You two make a great team!:)

  3. I look forward to you sharing it here after Haven. Have fun!

  4. Gorgeous entertaining ideas. Can't wait to see the short film too.

  5. Have an amazing time at Haven. And I really I'm excited to view your video when you get back.

  6. I am focusing on that tray/transporter thing in the last shot. What a great idea. The high sides keep tall, tippy things like bottles or wine glasses from falling over. Brilliant. Must get one. I have a couple of trays for taking things from the kitchen to the pergola where we eat all our meals in summer (even year-round). But the sides are dangerously low--fine for plates, but not for tall things.

  7. Looking forward to the video....sad to say I cannot make it to Haven this year.


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