Sunday, July 31, 2016

Our white picket fence

 It finally came. 
The day had arrived to have the fence installed. After months of 
waiting to order a fence, and then another two months for the installation day,
I can say it was truly worth the wait!  I think it is one of my most favorite home
improvements and worth every penny.  After getting the puppy, I did not want another decade
of always needing to put a lead on him to take every. single. bathroom break. through every.
single. season.  We don't have a big yard, and its configured in a terraced fashion, so figuring
out a fence layout was a bit of a challenge.  In the end, we did a privacy fence with picket top
facing the street, with a gate to allow entry to get to our front door.  And then an open picket
with the same spindle style and another gate to get out of the fenced area into the back end 
of the yard, which is where our courtyard and our upper level garden and shed is situated.
 Its a small area that was fenced in, but big enough to fulfill its role of glorified dog pen.  
And I couldn't be happier!  For the first week we barely let Colby go inside, 
and he would whine to get in the pen.  Hahha! Reverse psychology really works.  
Of course when I am outside wandering around, he does get to tag along on his green tether, but when I am in the house and he needs to go out, I simply open the door.  Its so nice! He has gotten accustomed to the new routine and its working out well.  I know when winter rolls around I will be ecstatic that we have this pretty fence.  It has a classic New England feeling and it makes the house seem more stately, if you know what I mean.  I am still finishing up the shed, but it is already loaded with garden things and it is very cute sitting up on the upper level, with the tomato garden right in front of it.  A new rose bush for the arbor, and some blue hydrangeas were added to the inside of the dog pen, (ugh should I really call it a dog pen??), and summer is only half over.  
I am enjoying the gardening and decorating of the outdoor spaces very much.
August is coming, and I hope we get more sunshiney days so we can enjoy
the outdoors.  Everyone seems to love gathering in the courtyard as the day comes
to an end.  And I love when that happens.
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  1. Did you repaint your peacock chairs from the AS white to black with same brand paint?

    1. No I used a spray paint that my husband had in the basement that he uses for his trucks. It was an impulse paint job and I just foraged around for something to turn it from white to black!

  2. I just adore the ambiance your new fence has added to your home, Amy! It's all so picturesque...and very New England-y! :)

    xoxo laurie

  3. Looks lovely like a beautiful picture frame!

  4. It's like out of a novel or a movie! Beautiful!

  5. That white picket fence is ever so perfect! And having two standard poodles, I fully concur with the fencing- it's essential for their safety and our convenience. Don't know how you ever did without it.

    1. I know, fences can be so pricey, and I finally caved in and got one, now am so happy I did.

  6. You are the best mom to Colby...he's a lucky boy! Love the fence and it looks perfect for your home.

    1. Thanks Janet, I know you can relate. Our little dogs are special.

  7. I love the security of my privacy fence. It is perfect for my pets, late nights in the hottub and just stealing away.

  8. Love the picket fence! Very New England ;-) Is it wood or some other material? We're getting ready to replace our back fencing and looking at a material that looks like wood but is not, so don't have to paint/repaint or have it rot from watering along the fence bottom.

  9. There is nothing like a beautiful home with a white picket fence!....Your outdoor projects have turned out so beautifully! Great job!!!

  10. Your fencing is gorgeous ♥


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