Sunday, May 7, 2017

Road trip to Long Island and the Hamptons with Matthew Mead

Road Trip!!
matthew mead and amy chalmers on the road
Matthew Mead and I just returned from a three day road trip to Long Island, NY, where he was
doing two shoots for his upcoming magazine for the fall, Upstyled Home, Industrial.  He invited
me along for the adventure, and we decided to do some video shoots of our trip and the people
and places that were on our itinerary.  We also decided to do some LIVE video, on Facebook, for
the first time, which is a new feature on FB that has you showing what you are doing in real time.
(Note:  The Facebook Live videos can still be watched on our FB pages, 
however you can't interact with us, which is what makes
 the Live part of the video experience so fun! 
You will see us talking to the people on the other side of the screen, 
who are typing in comments during the road trip, as it is filmed in real time.)
When Matthew and I get together we often have conversations about his early career, that I find particularly fascinating.  And so one of our FB Live videos was centered on his first trip to the Hamptons and how he came to be in this circle of visionary designers. 
 Matthew describes it briefly:
matthew mead uptsyled home magazine images

Now it would be my first trip to his career beginning stomping grounds, and what made it all the more sweet, was the opportunity to be staying at the iconic home of designer Tricia Foley.
designer tricia foley white dining room

Tricia's well loved white farmhouse in Long Island has been captured in the pages of  magazines, catalogues, and books. Tricia's personal style of white interiors is well known, and above is a quick
pic I took of her dining room when we arrived at her home.
 Martha Stewart has used Tricia's home and out buildings to shoot,
as has Ralph Lauren and many other notables.  
Martha and Ralph.
martha stewart at her hamptons mansion
Image: Hamptons Magazine

Here is Martha in front of her "beach home" in East Hampton.
We would be doing a drive by and checking out her place on our last day in NY.
She looks amazing, doesn't she?  Would we get a chance to see her for ourselves?
Would she remember the day she invited Matthew to come here and meet with him?
That is one epic story that Matthew has shared on our Decorating Video channel.
Martha gave him a personal tour of this home!! 
Blows my mind when I think about that....anyway, we have a lot to share
 about our very fun trip. So look for a series of
posts with more from Long Island and the Hamptons!

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  1. Love these videos of you and Matthew- please more! Thanks a bunch. Kay


    1. I will be putting together a few more videos from our recent trip to Long Island Kay. Thank you!

  2. What an exciting trip that you had with Matthew!...I can just imagine the fun you two had together! Two people brought together because of their love for design and all things beautiful!

  3. you're so fun, amy! I'm gonna be a stowaway in the next road trip...which should be to Chicago. there's architecture here, doncha know. xox


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