Thursday, June 29, 2017

Shockingly Cheap Belgian Linen Panels for my Dining Room and little Reeve

 The finest linen is made in Belgium, and so it was a shocking surprise when I found Belgian Linen panels at rock bottom pricing at HomeGoods! Run, don't walk, if you are interested
 in getting some linen panels for your home.  I have purchased curtain panels from HG before,
but I have never seen linen panels, and there were several colors and styles.
 White ruffled linen, lined and at 96" long, these couldn't get into my cart fast enough.  This package is a PAIR of panels, not just one.  YES!! A pair for $89 bucks.  So do the math, lined, ruffled linen for less than $50 a panel.  The other panels I scored were in a mineral blue color.  These were shorter at 84", unlined, and rod pocket style, at $59.  I am redecorating my family room in a Swedish color palette, and these would look perfect for what I had in mind. Hopefully I will be sharing that room soon.   Piper the puppy is putting a dent into my productivity however.
 The long white panels were irresistible, and I have to say they look wonderful!  
 If you are looking for a refresher, go hunt some down for yourself, you won't regret it!
This room feels light and airy~perfect for summer. 
Ruffles are on the leading edges of the panels, and I let them hang straight down
 to the floor, without pulling them back. I am in love with the look of these panels.  
My little sidekick, Piper, joined me when I hung up the panels. 
 She is so sweet, and I am really enjoying her puppyhood.  
But she is not the only new little one in my life....
We were blessed with the arrival of little Reeve. 
 She is my first grandchild, and I am over the moon about her. 
 Could she be any cuter??
My life is full, and I am on a high enjoying these new additions to our family.  

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  1. Hi Amy. I'm so very happy for you and I know you are enjoying your two new loves. They are both precious. I saw those wonderful Belgian Linen ruffled panels at the grand opening of our new Home Goods. My Sister and I were there at 8:00 am. for the unveiling! We both swooned over those luscious panels. They do look wonderful in your dining room.

  2. Oh, goodness! Reeve is beautiful and Piper too cute for words! The panels are truly amazing. I would have snatched them up as well. Your dining room is so lovely! Thank you for sharing. Have a beautiful start to the weekend. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  3. Reeve and ruffles!! What could be cuter, well... Reeve of course. Enjoy that Grand, amazing when our kids have kids!

  4. What?!!...Belgian Linen panels at HomeGoods...gotta run there! They look fantastic! Congrats again on the birth of your ever so precious little Reeve. I cannot tell you how much joy our granddaughter has brought to our lives. As you are now experiencing, there is nothing like it ... Have a beautiful weekend Amy!

  5. Thanks about the curtains,these are perfect for the room i needed them for. Enjoy him they are so precious. My first one will be going to college in August and way away,and i am a very sad grandmother.

  6. Congrats! There is no description for that feeling when holding your newborn grandchild, especially the first and it only gets better. Enjoy!

    The linen curtains are lovely.

  7. Wow how beautiful everything is...your home, your curtains, your pup, your grandbaby!!!! Life is so good!!! Do you mind my asking the color of your walls? So nice offsetting everything. Redoing my son's room who now lives in London...making it a vintage French look so will be exploring your blog. xo


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