Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Simple Pleasures of Life

 Autumn has arrived in New England, but its the warmest I can remember.
With the courtyard wedding in the rear view mirror, we are now enjoying the normal pace of regular days around here.  We have decided to put less furniture back into this courtyard after seeing how spacious it felt with everything pulled out.  After adding the outdoor wicker grouping we decided that  it looked best with less stuff.  I think in general, less stuff looks better,
 but I don't always follow that rule.  
 Everything looks so pretty, but soon the mums and cabbages will die off.  I picked up a hundred pink Darwin tulips to plant in this cabbage bed, and can imagine how nice it will look in the spring.  Last year I was too busy to plant any bulbs, and I did regret not making the time to do so.  
My days are spent oftentimes with Reeve, and I had a hankering for this style carriage to take her on long walks. Nowadays the three wheel carriages are quite popular, but I just didn't think it gave a smooth ride when I tried out the one Reeve had, which makes sense for city living.  I can recall these big white wheels on a Perego carriage that I had for my boys, and when I looked around recently on Craigslist I didn't find any....but when I mentioned it on Instagram, an old high school friend of Reeve's dad said her mom had one that I could have....and just like that we are riding in style.  I LOVE this carriage, its an Emmaljunga stroller and its just wonderful.  Reeve loves taking a walk, and so does Piper, as it turns out.  Colby is too strong to take for a leisurely walk with me, Reeve and the stroller. Colby has taken to going to work with his dad, leaving me and Piper and somedays, Reeve.  
 Piper is almost 6 months old, and she trots along the side, never pulling or getting ahead.
  Its a dream to walk them around.  The baby conks out from the fresh air,
 and the dog and I get a little exercise.
Is she not the cutest little baby?
I am head over heels for her, and understand now what all the fuss
 is about when it comes to having your own grandchildren.  
October was filled with lots of family and friends and a few noteworthy events.
 Our friends, the Metzgers,  from Virginia came up for a weekend, and we hadn't seen them since we were roommates in the Chateau in France three years ago.  What spurred the trip was that my pal, style guru Matthew Mead was selling off his 25 year collection of antiques and props from his magazine business career as it was an overwhelming amount of STUFF.  (Not to worry, he kept about a third of his collection).  Janet and Bill drove up and we headed to his sale as did hundreds of others.
It was held in the warehouse where he kept all the stuff from over the years.   The same warehouse where he and I filmed videos for Wagner SprayTech company.  Lines of people were there, all day long!  It took us about an hour to get inside and there was SO MUCH STUFF!  
I wasn't sure what I was looking for, and I have to say the stuff I found kind of found me.
 Copper molds, pink lustreware, pink and purple Christmas decorations,
 old pink baby plate, purple glassware and transfer ware, and other odds and ends. 
I found a pink Nantucket style basket that he had painted for some magazine layout, old Bristol glass, and even a white opaline wineglass, which is rarer than I can even explain.
Matthew is still in the business, as many have asked is he retiring? 
 No, he is simplifying!!
I can relate. But I do have a plan for this pink and purple Christmas stuff, and just imagine some of
it on a white Christmas tree.  Which is going to happen.  But I digress... So while Bill and Janet were visiting we decided to take them out to a very special restaurant in Boston, North Square Oyster. 

 It is in Boston's North End, and has been taking the restaurant scene by storm.  In fact it just landed the cover of Boston Magazine's restaurant issue of the City's Top 25 New Restaurants!! And why does this thrill me?  Because it is where my son, Justin Power, works as the designer and managing partner.  That meal on the cover is the Lobster and Oxtail Bolognese, which is what both my hubs and Janet's husband ordered for dinner.  Of course we started with an oyster assortment and they were the BEST I have ever had....I highly recommend this spot if you want delicious food and drink with a great atmosphere in the heart of a historic neighborhood.
As a matter of fact, here we are standing in front of Paul Revere's house, which is the next door neighbor to North Square Oyster!  Seriously.  Paul Revere walked through that door. 
 This amazing local history, is right under our noses!
A fun night in the city for me and Mr. Maison Decor, which was so nice to share with friends.  
Another big night we enjoyed this month with our family was my dad's 88th Birthday.
 Those of us that live nearby came together and we celebrated.
  Our kids, a few of my siblings and both my parents along with me and hubs 
made for another night to put in the memory books.
These are special times that come along once in a while....
but most days its the simple pleasures like caring for a granddaughter.
 Little Reeve is a happy little girl with a blossoming personality.  
 My other baby, Piper has stolen my heart as well.  I am thrilled with the new additions to our family. Looking forward to gardening for the upcoming Spring, and making yummy dishes that the cold weather brings.  My parents have returned to their home in Florida, escaping the cold New England winters.  Still hoping for a nice fall so I can continue to walk my pair of babies.
It makes the three of us pretty happy.  
And thats what life is all about. 

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  1. Oh, I just want to gobble up Reeve. At that age, they giggle, too. Whenever I see a baby, I think, bewildered, "hmm, I used to have one of those," and then I'm reminded that the cute little butterballs turn into teens eventually. Sigh. We really do need to find a way to stop time.
    Love your finds and the shots of the big sale. Everything looks so happy, I am smiling along.

    1. Ditto on the stopping of time -- our oldest grandson is 12 + in the 7th grade! How bittersweet, sometimes, to see them grow up so fast.

  2. Thanks for taking us with you on this journey, Amy. What a fun and exciting this chapter is for you and yours! I can't wait to be a grandma and maybe a pet owner again if my heart heals a bit more. Congratulations to your son on the restaurant's positive press and cheers to you and the many blessings. xox

  3. Reeve and Piper are both adorable. Can't wait to see the items you grabbed in your home. How has Colby taken to her?

    Exciting times with friends and family


  4. Such a lovely post that put an early morning smile on my face. It truly is the simple things and that is why I write a similar post every month about the things that made me happy that month, and it always includes friends, grandbabies and family. I often think how ironic it is that it takes the wisdom of age to finally realize what is truly important...oh how I long for all the youthful years I wasted trying to find happiness in other ways. Thanks for sharing and enjoy that delicious granddaughter...they really are the best!

  5. I love this post, Amy. I felt like I was right along with you walking Reeve and at Matthew's sale. I am glad he is just purging and not quitting the business.

    That restaurant sounds fantastic. I love places like that...that cater to taste rather than quantity.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday- xo Diana

  6. Reeve is precious as can be and Piper just a cutie! I bet Matthew's sale was beyond amazing. You purchased some great things.

  7. Hey friend! Bill and I had the BEST time with you and Dave! No more waiting 3 years between visits.
    Janet xx
    The Empty Nest

  8. You said it, that is what life is all about!!!!....You had a very wonderful month! ... Looking forward to seeing all of the goodies from Matthew's sale..so great to have had friends visit and enjoy the sale too!


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