Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Thanksgiving Inspiration Starts at Home

 If you love to decorate or simply take pleasure in setting a nice table for Thanksgiving,
then you are like me! This year I will be hosting again, and I always look forward to having family come to our home and celebrate Thanksgiving.  I don't run out and buy new decorations, but instead look to use what I already have in a new way.  Taking a look back at last year and the year before at what I did in my home inspires me to tweak and change the bits and pieces in my fall stash. Do you do the same thing over and over? Or do you change it up?  I think we all have our own best ideas, and by looking back in the past, its nice to remember the better ones to guide and inspire.
 Although Fall is the season I decorate least around the house,  a few pumpkins with some wintery looking pillows or throws is how I approach it.  Pillows are magic when it comes to decorating, and just by switching them out, you can change the look and feel in a room.  
The dining room is the most important room for Thanksgiving.
This table was perhaps my most favorite table of all.  
I loved how the colors all felt soft and monochromatic.  
The Cinderella blue pumpkins from Trader Joes were a big part of the table design, 
with a few white pumpkins added here and there.
 A vintage compote urn I found at Boston's Vintage SOWA market was my centerpiece.
You can visit this awesome Vintage Market every Sunday, on Harrison Ave in Boston to find your own special treasures.
 I do think a white table cloth adds a formality you can't replicate for holiday formal dining.  But last year I wanted to have a more rustic casual feeling, mixing fancier items, like sterling silver flatware with gold luster and transferware plates, but without the white cloth. I used my large French napkins under each place setting.
 And it just wouldn't be Thanksgiving at our home without my purple transfer ware dishes!
I'm taking my favorite ideas as inspiration and then seeing what I come up with
for this years Thanksgiving table.  With my new granddaughter Reeve bringing her parents along, its just going to be so much fun!  Of course she won't be eating any turkey or stuffing, but she will bring  joy to the occasion, and thats what Thanksgiving is all about.  And although I don't talk about this very often, many of my readers may remember, it was on Thanksgiving 2015 that Reeve's aunt Taylor suffered her heart failure and was hospitalized.  And then it was around the following Thanksgiving that Taylor got her new heart...
We give thanks for Taylor being healthy, and for having Reeve Taylor Power
 as the youngest member of our growing family making 2017 quite a special year.  
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  1. There is nothing like a new baby to add joy to the Thanksgiving celebration. I have always loved every setting you do, Amy, but that French urn just takes the cake for me. It is just SOOOO gorgeous.

    I do remember about Reeve and all that happened. God bless her on her life journey with her health issues. She was certainly prayed for by a lot of people around blogland.

    I hope you have a wonderful week, Amy. xo Diana


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