Friday, January 18, 2019

Grand French Curtains for the Dollhouse Salon

Dollhouse decor includes dressing the windows sometimes.
Window Treatments can make a room, especially if you are aiming for the palace look.
You need luxurious draperies with all kinds of details, and once again, I found inspiration
Lea has a DIY section for making lots of French things, and one is her salon curtains,
that are even fancier than those that I made.  But I followed her instructions for the gilded 
cornice board, and it certainly added the French panache I was looking for.
The cornice has a gilded crown trim, and a gilded cameo in the center
that features an "antique" fabric.  I print up the old looking French florals
on my printer. ( One day I will do a post about the printer I use, as I did a lot
of research on what type of printer to use for the dollhouse fabrics and rugs,
and the type of ink your printer should use for best results. ) 
 The pale blue silk fabric was taken from a pair of draperies I had in my own house, and from which a remnant was made into a table runner, that I no longer use.  I had laundered the silk runner in the washing machine and it made it gather up in these tight wrinkles that are perfect for the rumpled gathers of a floor length curtain in an old manoir. The Cornice itself is a piece of heavy paper, and then a piece of wood is glued inside it to help keep its shape. To the outside the wooden crown molding pieces are glued, and finally the cameo is glued on top of that.  Lea has a different instruction, but essentially it is the same, and this was easier for me to achieve.  After building the 
cornice, I glued the silk curtains onto the inside of the cornice after measuring and trimming the length of the curtains so they would hit the floor.
I am very happy with the results, and I am grateful for the inspiration I 
found to create something special, that has my own twist and not an exact copy.
Creating a dollhouse is satisfying because by collecting and creating pieces, 
you make it a one of a kind, with your personal stamp.
 The other thing I had been trying to make from Lea's book were paper flowers.
These are not easy to make, and I am not quite satisfied with how they came out.
But I am happy enough to not keep trying!! These will just have to do!
 The process requires patience and that is a new skill I am learning.
Step after step and I finally had enough flowers completed to add to the
Mini Maison.  They bring the house to life I think, and are much better 
than the cheap ready made flowers for sale on miniature sites.
This is a random shot of the flowers placed on table tops, before the 
furniture had  been placed where I want it...but it gives you the idea of how
pretty a room looks with flowers, just like in real life!!

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  1. Dear Amy,
    I love your curtains and the cornice, so much!
    They match perfectly your gorgeous furniture, all is in harmony, in a very precious style!
    Obviously, flowers are "must have" into a dollhouse, they bring charm and life.
    You have made some beautiful peonies and roses considering they are your first attempts.

    I'm sure you will go on, later, it will seem to you much easier, you can believe me. ♥🌺♥

    1. What I find most amazing about you Lea, is the amount of perfect detail in your accessorizing. The colors you have used also are so beautiful and harmonious. The more I make or find for my dollhouse, the more I realize how little I have to create the lived in world your dollhouses have, and that makes your work so impressive to me.

  2. Good morning from the UK! Can I ask where you buy the lovely french style furniture you have in your beautiful dolls house?
    I too am working on my dolls house from some 30 plus years ago and am loving the french style!
    Look forward to receiving your dolls house updates!
    Best wishes.

    1. Good morning from Boston Massachusetts! To find the French furniture I want I am always hunting for it online. You will find pieces there on eBay or Etsy, but you must decide what you are willing to spend. Some Etsy shops are in Australia or New Zealand and Russia, and their shipping adds quite a bit to the cost. But there are plenty of dealers who sell things in the UK and Europe and I bet you will find what you are looking for. I advise that sometimes it is worth it to buy one amazing piece to set the tone for the French style you want. You will get years of pleasure each time you look at it!

  3. It is beautiful, Amy. Great job on the drapes and cornice. They are very "rich" looking. The color, too, is perfect. You have really done a great job with your little home. I am sure you remember Cynthia with Cottage Miniatures? I always loved visiting her blog when she had one and I also love following Susan @ Ash Tree Cottage. A totally different style than yours but so much fun! Have a great weekend. Cold here- below zero...ugh xo Diana

  4. I love the faded fabric you've used and the fullness of your finished drapes. Your classic looking cornice looks well made and it all harmonizes beautifully; flowers and all, within your French Salon.

  5. Oh my goodness, Amy....You have so much artistic talent!! I have Lea's book, but do not have the gift that you have to create her beautiful designs! The house I am working on will end up looking like a primitive cottage built by a blindfolded man wearing mittens!!!


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