Thursday, January 3, 2019

The one thing that was sabotaging my Lo Carb diet

Low carb dieting has been my go-to method for losing weight.
But what was sabotaging my low carb efforts in recent years??
A few pounds gained here and there.... and after a few years they added up to
where I just wasn't feeling that great about how I looked in my clothing.
And so, the untucked shirt look. Yup. 
 Another untucked shirt photo....
And then this....I never felt so big.
 When my middle son Brandon married last October I tried to shed some pounds 
following my go to Atkins or Low-Carb diet but it didn't seem to be coming off 
as quickly as it had in the past.  I barely had lost 5 pounds and I wanted to lose 15!
It was a lot of restrictions for not great results.  I chalked it up to menopause
and the lower metabolism rate of being a woman of a certain age. Ugh.
My method of Low Carb dieting is basically the Atkins, 
which is counting carbs, and staying under 20 net grams of carbohydrates per day. 
 It was effective for me in the past, but I was doing something differently
 that was short changing the results.
So what was I doing differently?
White wine. 
In years past if I had a cocktail when I was following
the Atkins it would be a 0 carb drink, which means something 
like a Rum and Diet Coke.
Clear alcohol is zero carbs, and so are diet drinks.  
But over time I had switched to white wine.
And that was killing my efforts.  White wine has about 4 grams in 5 ounces.
How do I know this is what was sabotaging my diet?
Well,  after Thanksgiving I started a strict low carb diet and went
back to my old ways. Counting carbs carefully, not guessing, and weighing myself daily.
That part is not fun, but make a commitment and just do it.
I also decided to switch back to a rum and Diet Coke or a Tequila with Fresca.
The results were pretty amazing!
I dropped weight quickly!
I have lost 9 pounds in 5 weeks by making this change, and this includes a few
times I went off diet for a sweet during Christmas.
15  years ago I was relatively thin and happy with my weight.
I had been following Atkins diet for two years at this point and it was 
easy to maintain my weight and know what I could and shouldn't eat.
 And things went along nicely in the weight department.
 I started my business with my shops and I was too busy to eat, so that
didn't interfere with weight either.
 But as age crept up, so did the weight. Notice the white wine. 
 I remember thinking I was heavy in this picture. 
 Do you ever look back at photos and think you
were foolish to not have admired your own looks?  
We can be so critical of ourselves.
I just know I enjoy life a lot more when my weight is in a certain range.
And when it creeps over that, it makes me uncomfortable.  
My method has been to do the carb counting when needed to drop weight.
But for the first time, when Brandon got married, it didn't drop hardly at all.
 Life is too short to let those nagging pounds get to you.  
I remember this picture I took
of me and hubs after I had successfully dropped a few pounds. 
 I will always be chasing away those extra few pounds I guess.  
I don't want to give in, and give up. 
Champagne is lower in carbs than white wine, so there is always that...
but for now I am sticking to ZERO carbs if I want a cocktail at the end of the day.
And if you are interested in what I do for meals, I would be happy to write a post
on that if you like.  So its 9 pounds down and I'd like to drop another 6 or 8 more,
and when I do, I will get a photo taken to show you all.
Wishing all of you on the "I wish I could lose weight" journey
some fortitude and success in your efforts.  Remember, this diet worked
for me, and I am not a doctor! So do what seems right for you, and if 
 you too have good success with counting carbs to control your weight, I 
would love to hear all about it!! 

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  1. This is so me. I lost 50 lbs. doing low carb (Keto) in 2017 and then lost another 10 in 2018. Over the past few months I've added in white wine and slowly five pounds have found their way back to me. I know I just need to cut it out completely and if I feel the need to have a cocktail have a vodka with flavored sparkling water. Thanks for motivation.

    1. I know it isn't as tasty as white wine is it?? But it is a trade off, and I am so glad I figured it out and got rid of the wine in my regular diet.

  2. I would love to read a post about what you’re eating. I just started Keto and I’m finding it difficult. I’m vegetarian so trying to follow a diet that doesn’t allow beans for protein is tricky.

    1. I can't really speak to vegetarian diets, so I am not sure where to get your protein, but I bet there are other blogs that address this issue.

  3. This is so true Amy! Wine will add the pounds. I am proud of you and good luck!!!

  4. I follow a gluten, dairy, sugar, and grain free WOE and have dropped over 20 pounds. I'm now w/in 6 lbs of my goal weight. I've never been a big drinker, so while everyone else is imbibing, I just drink my Zevia soda from a fancy glass! If I do want an alcoholic drink, I just add a bit of flavored vodka to it.

    1. Well that is fantastic news to hear! Laurie you always look good, but I know when you want to get rid of a few pounds or more than a few.

  5. Great post, Amy!! Please do a post on your meal plan. I hate to do it but I guess it looks like I'm going to have to ditch the wine. Maybe not today because it's Friday. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a great weekend!

    1. Once you decide to go for it, you will be fine. Its just a mindset for most of us I think. Good luck!

  6. Yes Amy, I would love to learn how and what you are eating to obtain weight loss. I to, follow a low carb diet after being pre-diabetic...even without losing much weight, my AIC numbers went down FAST, Dr. was very happy. I find it so difficult not to cheat, but that applies to any diet for me! Another challenge is trying to cook for my husband and grown son who love hearty "meat and potatoes" meals, and my darling adult daughter who does not eat red meat. It's hard to please everyone and stay on track....I know I need to do something differently....Thank you for the info. and encouragement, I applaud your success! S. Roche

    1. I think I have the answers for you on my latest post on meal plans for this diet and cooking for family.

  7. A low carb diet definitely works for me. I drink a glass of RED wine a few nights a week and that hasn't noticeably interfered with weight loss. I would love to hear more about your diet. Please share.

    1. Its likely because you are so moderate and balanced that it is working!!

  8. Giving up stuff you love is the hardest to do. But you appreciate even more when you do indulge. I have not been on a proper low carb diet in 10 years. I was single then. Now I am marrier is is hard with someone else there to tempt you. I would love to see a meal plan or two. It is nice to see how others are doing. Sometimes you get a Why did I not think of that moment. Here is to 2019( holding a cup of black coffee). Hope we all have success in our goals!

    1. I love my coffee with cream as much as I used to love my white wine lol. I no longer take sugar with my coffee but I love the taste of cream. Idid get used to no sugar in the coffee, but one could always use a sugar substitute. Wishing you success as well!

  9. I eat alot of lean protein and roasted vegetables everyday. Once a month I eat pasta. Being Italian aI won't give it up. During the week I stick to the plan. Weekends everything in moderation. I also drink tons of water and exercise 7 days a week. Important for MS but I always exercised.


    1. Well you sound like you are doing fine!! I think its the moderation and self governing of not overdoing it with the foods you love that are working for you!

  10. First of all love your blog... So sad to hear about white wine, as it is my favorite drink of choice... going to try rum and diet coke :( I would love to have a post about what you eat- Please!! Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Thank you so much!! I posted on the food plans, I hope you can find some inspiration there. And you will get over the wine when you see the scale drop!!

  11. I didn’t really want to hear it was my wine!!LOL
    I would love to hear more about your diet. I would definitely feel better 15-20 pounds lighter.
    Chris W

    1. OMG I know!!! But it is and I guess Id rather be thin than have my my latest post on food plan for lo carb!!

  12. Wow! You've been reading my mail! Your transparency is such an encouragement to me as I've noticed the same thing. Low Carb plan works for me without the wine. I love white wine but it's clearly adding pounds! You've inspired me to do what I KNOW will help with the weight loss. Thank you!

    1. I am thankful for your note. Who likes to say that drinking wine made them gain weight?? Not me!! But it was, and I am so glad to have figured out my Achilles heel when it came to losing.


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