Saturday, September 7, 2019

Country Home Magazine Shoot on Cape Cod

 Life is sooo glamorous these days!
During the week, sandwiched between babysitting
for my 2 year old monkey Reeve (which entails peanut butter sandwiches and diaper changes), 
I was invited to be a model and play a "guest" at a photo shoot for Country Home magazine
 by my friend Matthew Mead, the multitalented superstar in the magazine and book industry.  Matthew was producing this segment for CH and the location was 
my friend Sandra's beautiful home on Cape Cod.
 Sandra's home is quite famous now.
It has appeared in several magazines and has a devoted following on
Even I wrote a blog post about it with lots of pics when I first visited it after 
both of our homes were featured in Matthew Mead's DECORATING magazine together.
 This house overlooks Old Silver Beach and its simply spectacular inside and out!
The CH shoot was about a summer Pie Party on Cape Cod.  
Just like a little movie, the magazine shoot has a script and Matthew Mead was the producer. 
 He advised me to come in a blue and white gingham shirt and to arrive at noon.
This side porch was to be the setting for the "Pie Party", and it is a porch I know well,
as I have slumbered in the dreamy room that leads out onto the stone pillared porch.
Yup, this is MY ROOM when I stay at Sandra's!! Yummy!!
There are French doors to the right that lead to the side porch.
So when I arrived I walked through my bedroom (lol)
and this was the scene, with the ocean as a backdrop.
While Matthew was getting the props together for the shoot, I grabbed
a pic of him with our hostess.  Matthew was going to have one of the pies
cut up and placed on the antique blue and white plates that all the "guests"
were to gobble up while being photographed. Ha! Have you ever seen 
pictures of people actually eating?  I myself cannot wait to see how we all
look at this Pie Party, eating and laughing at the same time!
Sandra Cavallo, Amy Chalmers, Ellen McHale
One of the other guests is also one of my favorite people, artist Ellen McHale.
I met both Sandra and Ellen through Matthew 
when he was doing his own magazines on decorating several years ago. 
 Flashback to 2015.
This is the night we all met up at a party I threw for Matthew Mead 
for the magazine launch at my old shop Maison Decor.  
We had so much fun that night, laughing our heads off.
We have remained good friends and our point of connection is style guru Matthew.
 We aren't supposed to share too much of the actual shoot, but I wanted
to show you part of the styling Matthew did.
 Those antique silver glasses were scooped up by Sandra 
at an antique place and they have quite a story to them. 
 They are sailing trophy glasses from the Beverly Yacht Club.
Her kids are into sailing and she loves anything that has a meaningful story behind it, like I do.
Which is why we both are drawn to using vintage in home decor, its so much more interesting!
 He also used a fabric by the fabric designer Paula Arndt 
that is similar to the one I upholstered my Swedish trundle bed. 
You can order fabrics and samples from her Spoonflower account. 
 I ended up choosing the faded blueberry gingham
at the top for my sofa.  Isn't it pretty? 
You can see it in the background at my dining room table. 
Anyway....I digress.
 Ok, here is one shot including a pie....
but really, look at the porch view!! 

For the last scene we shot, we were all sitting out on Sandra's lawn in the 
old weathered Adirondack chairs and waiting to be handed plates of pie. 
That will be one of the shots in next summer's issue of Country Home magazine.
Which is something to look forward to after the fall and very long 
New England winter....sigh.


  1. What a memorable day! So much creativity sitting in those wonderful old chairs. Looking forward to the issue, thanks for a wee glimpse. xoxo

  2. I didn't realize that porch was a second story one until just now. Excuse me while I go back + click on the links you posted about The Old Silver Shed + Matthew's party at your shop.

  3. P.S. Nevermind re: my comment about a second-floor sleeping porch. I just read your original post + realized that yes, sometimes sleeping porches come on the ground floor! Beautiful!

  4. This sounds like it was so much fun Amy. Connecting with old and new friends made it even better. The view from the porch is beautiful and peaceful.

    You must of enjoyed seeing your bedroom again.


  5. I love it, Amy! Good for you---will look for the magazine when it comes out!
    Don't you love that 2 year old 'monkey' stage? Our youngest grandgirl(baby) is now 5 and such a grown-up little girl-mind of her own and smart as a whip. (which means she can manipulate Papa pretty easy). lol
    Enjoy every moment of that precious child's life. xo Diana

  6. How fun! Can't wait to see this in the magazine next year. What an amazing home. I can't even imagine what it's like to live in a place like that. At least you get to visit it.


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