Monday, September 2, 2019

Decorating Changes

Our living room has gone through some decorating changes this summer.
It all began with selling the painted baby grand piano.
Since we are planning to move to our lake home one day, (which is yet to be built),
I decided to sell off a few things we wouldn't be taking,
 like the piano to get prepared for the eventual move.
Then we impulsively bought a lilac colored sofa at an estate sale auction 
and played with where to put the sofa, since the piano was gone. 
Yes I said "WE", as hubs egged me on to buy it because it looked
much more comfortable than the Swedish couch we had.
 Also. the lilac of the sofa and the blue color of the wall just was a bit too much
for my taste, and I hated how the sofa looked against the staircase banister.
So that was going to have to change....

The couch went back between the windows, but not before I 
painted the walls a neutral color, French Canvas, by Benjamin Moore.
The corner where the piano was gained the mora clock from the front
entry area and the small French provincial desk.  
The Swedish trundle bed/sofa that started off in the living room last year,
was moved to the dining room for seating along the farm table.
I have been reupholstering it in a blue and white gingham.
I painted a pastoral mural to hang above it, however it ended up being moved
into the living room as seen in the previous pic above.  One thing leads to another,
and our home hasn't seen this much decorating activity in a long time.
A mirror and the opaline sconces got moved over the Swedish sofa.
This was the same mirror that hung on that wall shown in 
Nora Murphy's County House Style book.
An arrangement of purple transferware plates surrounded the mirror.
So it's been a full summer of moving furniture around and painting walls.
I have more changes to share but I will end it here, 
wishing you all a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!
We are visiting the lake cottage these last days of 
August, taking some needed family time with hubs and the kids,
before the school year begins and everyone is back on the wheel.
Goodbye summer and hello to the cool fall days that 
have quickly arrived in New England.


  1. I love the fringe on your new sofa.
    The Swedish sofa, if it's high enough and firm enough, is great at the table. I am so intrigued by a trundle sofa bed. That sounds very useful. So often such combos are hideous.
    I was just thinking/daydreaming about painting some kind of paysage on a wall and then, hours later, I opened this and voilà, you did it. How wonderful--bespoke art. Like hand-painted wallpaper. I see these kinds of hand-painted, one-of-a-kind frescoes/decorations in very old homes around here. Often they were covered up by somebody later. Why? I think they are beyond cool. Wish I could paint as well as you.

  2. Those are some big changes! I love that lavendar sofa...I wish it didn't have the bullion. Can that be pulled off? Then I'd think it was perfection. Love your paintings. Sad to see the piano go but I am sure you are glad to have the space. I like the Swedish sofa used in the dining room. Is it practical? Can you get in and out? I started writing a bunch to you and then decided...I'll email you tomorrow. Always love seeing your house!

  3. You HAVE been busy Amy. I love that Lilac sofa, and the new wall color sets it off perfectly! Great pic of you guys, have fun at the lake cottage this early Fall.

  4. The French Canvas color is beautiful in your home. I love the changes. You surely have been busy decorating!

  5. What Fun!!!!!
    Your changes are Practical as well as Beautiful!

  6. I'm late getting to this post. All of the changes look fantastic, Amos. I recently put the sofa back at the dining table for Fall. Love having our Lattes, and soon, hot chocolates there as the weather turns cooler. There is just something cozy about lingering at the table after a meal...enjoying coffee, or some wine.... Sharing time, and even some memories with friends and family into the evening hours. The new wall color is divine as a backdrop to the pretty sofa in the living room. LOVE it all!! Debbie xo


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