Thursday, December 5, 2019

European Woodland Lodge Decor

 I've been having a ton of fun with a bit of decorating, shifting the style from French Country
to what I call European Woodland Lodge.  Its a bunch of neutrals mixed together, with 
velvets, fur, burlap and linen textures in shades of beige and grey, with a hint of white.
After I slipcovered the lilac colored sofa to protect it from the dogs, the ball got rolling.
A bleached drop cloth in the biggest size was used to create the slipcover.  A German stencil
was used on some scraps to create a grain sack pillow accent for the European lodge look.
After I took down the mirror that has always been over the sofa, a deer mount took its place.
 A big grapevine wreath was made up from a rambling grapevine in the backyard.
I wanted to frame the deer and add some greenery for Thanksgiving.
 Wintery touches of trees and white lights were added on the tabletops.
 A Black Forest tree, the tall skinny trees with 
downswept branches, was added to the dining room.
 Gilded accessories are in the mix, and I love the overall effect of the gold 
with the natural colors and textures. Husband is a big fan, saying the house
has never looked better. Hahaha!! Code for no more French stuff please!
 For a long time I have hunted for a small coffee table and found 
this marble topped Eastlake antique in a local antique shop.
 At night the room sparkles and we love it.
 When the troops come home, there are candles and twinkle lights turned on in every room.
Its just magical!  I haven't put up our big tree yet, and this adding of decor, bit by bit has been
the most enjoyable process.
 After Thanksgiving, I added French Country bows in a silk check to either side of the large grapevine wreath and filled the branches with evergreens, and a strand of twinkle lights.
The deer got a dressy necklace of vintage mercury bead garland and a bobble garland
in green and gold that I used to sell at my old shop, Maison Decor.
 The mantle got a garland with grapevine branches sticking out and some new fur stockings
from Arhaus are for the three dogs, each fur to match their own.
We had a marvelous Thanksgiving at home, and got everyone to pose for a family portrait.
As always we include the dogs, which is the biggest challenge of all.
Now we are ready to enjoy the Christmas holidays, and hope you are finding the spirit of the season for your own families and yourselves. 


  1. Amy I love your home so much and the changes and differing decors that you are blending into your already beautiful signature look. I love that your home is lived in and you keep it real, yet it's so cozy and pretty.
    You are the best.
    xoxo Sissie

  2. Love your wonderful Christmas decor and sweet family portrait with pups there too. You've managed to put together a lovely look for your unique style and beautiful home! Happy Christmas, Amy!

  3. I was shocked when I opened this post and saw how masculine everything is but it is beautiful. I can see why Dave would like it. Its a feminine and masculine mix which always makes for the best rooms. I am not a fan of deer heads on the wall. But I know you already had this and I will say it is lovely all decked out for Xmas. It's looks amazing. I just wish it weren't a dead animal. That's just my own feelings on it. It is gorgeous. She almost looks like a cartoon deer with her pretty necklace. I can't wait to see what you do for a tree. I love that everyone dressed in a woodsy way for the photo. Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The dogs make me smile. Is Colby a good boy these days? He's so fat! But I think that's very cute. I love a big ol fat dog. And of course Piper is so pretty. And your grand daughter is precious.

  4. Oh...forgot to say I love the coffee table. Just perfect for you theme.

  5. Oh...poo and forgot to say how much I love the bows and arrangements on the wreath..It's really amazing! Like Ralph Lauren but with a feminine vibe. This all should be in a magazine.

  6. Always so nice to see your pics & posts, for even though they are beautiful and rather elegant, they are clearly of a close, loving family that values real-life living in every room of your home. Love the pets as well, and the "how to" pics/instructions that you share. I've long admired your energy and willingness to share, and the love you have for all. Best wishes in the new year!

  7. Love the cozy vibe you have going Amy and the grapevine wreath around the deer is fabulous!

  8. A beautiful family photo. Dogs are a challenge to sit still.

    I love the updates to the deer. It looks so warm and cozy.

    I find when I decorate in bits and pieces I enjoy it so much more.



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