Monday, December 9, 2019

Faux wax candle tapers create magic

Christmas time is always a magical time in my mind, and creating
that ambience for myself and my family is important.
The woodland theme is carried into my dining room, and whatever your
style, candles add the finishing touch that brings the magic!
I own faux candle pillars but recently have noticed some faux candle tapers,
and was excited to find an affordable high quality version as these can be very pricey.
 Searching online led me to Amazon where I found a brand that comes
in packages of different amounts of tapers.  I got a five pack for $25,
which is $5 a candle, and if you have ever shopped for these, you know that 
the major brand that sells these flickering tapers can cost 10 times that amount.
They fit a normal candle holder size, and they are real wax exteriors
with the flame attached to a removable battery pack.
 Here the unlit tapers sitting in a gilded antler candleholder which
I embellished with metallic floral candle rings.
 After seeing how awesome they were, I ordered another five pack as I have two candleabras 
that I wanted to use for the holidays. They are beautiful and give a flickering effect. 
The flame itself does not move, just the colors of the wax and the flame give a flickering effect.
The inside pulls out of the wax sleeve.  They are all wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in 
a sturdy styrofoam box, and come with a remote control as well as the batteries.
The remote lets you set it to flicker mode or solid light, and a timer setting.
This was the brand that I purchased.
When they arrived I couldn't wait for nighttime to see
how magical they would be....and they did not disappoint.
Also from Amazon were these adorable tree candles, much like one would
see during Victorian times or in Scandinavia and on Nordic Christmas trees.
These are wired in a group of 20, and attached to a battery pack, also with
a timer if desired.  I am loving the new lights, the dining room looks so pretty at night.
Trust me, it looks amazing!  I am not promoting this product
as a sponsor, just as an excited home decorator that is passing
along a good thing!! Happy Holidays, and get decorating!


  1. It's funny before you posted the small candles on the tree I ordered a pack that are individual for something else. They don't work for that so I'm saving them for next year to scatter on our larger German twig tree.


  2. Your dining room is divine! I love your decorating style and those gilded antlers with the embellishment! Thank you for sharing your tips on the tapers! I'm excited to try them as they are beautiful! Happy Holidays!!


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