Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Country House Door Baskets

 There is nothing prettier on a door than a basket of flowers!
It is the epitome of a Country Style welcome.
While I often put baskets on my doors, the one who does it
best is Nora Murphy, my friend who wrote her best seller 
"Nora Murphy's Country House Style".

Nora uses baskets with flat backs for charming door arrangements.
 A big basket of white petunias stands out against her black door.
One little story about my photo shoot for Nora's book is that when we
went outside to shoot the exterior of my house, I had a door basket with fake flowers.
Not a fan of faux, Nora asked how about switching it out with a potted flower
I had in my courtyard....so that is just what we did.
It probably could have used a bigger pot of flowers hah!
I love black doors on white houses and I love baskets brimming with fresh flowers
for elegant country style, like this scene from Nora's Connecticut farmhouse.
For the fourth of July Nora dressed up her white petunias with tiny flags.
I did the same with my front door basket.
Because we get full sun beating on the door I must use faux flowers in
the basket, but real geraniums in my garden planters and beds.
Look at this huge door basket made from willow branches.
Nora is stuffing it with all kinds of garden annuals
and it looks stunning.
  I was really taken with this oversized monster basket!
Lucky me!!
While checking out the offerings on Nora's online shop, 
I spotted this willow wall/door basket  and ordered it straight away.
 I can imagine it at the lake house
for a heavy dose of Country House Style a la Nora!!

I grabbed my bunch of faux hydrangeas and got to stuffing the basket.
For now the big willow basket will hang from one of  
our door's at our " Country House in the City", which is what Nora herself
 named our home in her book. I tried it out on one of the French doors
in the back, but I would need two and  thats a bit much.
 Its a tad large on the shed door but I have to say I really loved it here!
The perfect spot is the front door, the scale is just right!
Stuffed with the faux hydrangeas in green and purple it looked beautiful.
By the way, Nora sold her country house and bought a smaller country house
for her next chapter in life which is what I am about to do myself.
She shared a picture of the new old house recently and wouldn't you know...
it had a pretty door basket!

To visit Nora Murphy's online shop, click here
She's always restocking one of a kind vintage home and garden accessories
so be a frequent visitor and browse to your heart's content till you find 
what you love! 

To purchase an autographed copy
 of Nora Murphy Country House Style book, click here

Follow Nora Murphy on Instagram here


  1. Beautiful Amy, I was speaking with my last night about plants for my front basket for summer.

    It gets hit with sun. I may check Hens and Chick's, not sure


  2. Hi Amy! I am such a huge fan of Norah's. I can't wait to see her new house and what she does with it. I love the looks of a basket of flowers on the front door. I am kind of limited because we have a screen door. I hope you are doing well and you and your family stay healthy. Enjoy your weekend!


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