Friday, May 29, 2020

Courtyard Planters and French Daybed

Sprucing up the courtyard after the long winter has been underway for several weeks.
 A fresh coat of black paint was needed for a few scuff marks on the French doors,
and I decided to paint the iron urns, as they have been in their original rust
form ever since I got them.
 One on the left just painted, the one on the right still in ancient rust finish.
I was loving the look of the fresh black paint!
Valspar Duramax in Kettle Black was what I used for both the wooden doors and the iron urns. 
It is made for the outdoors and it was really nice to work with. (Not a sponsored post)
Look at how nice everything looked with a fresh coat of paint!
Pretty Piper and Sylvia posed for my Memorial Day flag Instagram post here.
 After trying to install a greenhouse in the courtyard and enduring an epic fail,
I was left with the wood landscape timber platform that was supposed to be the 
base for the greenhouse.  
The platform built for the briefly existing greenhouse....
Because it was chintzy and the wind took it away!!
Anyway,  instead of ripping it apart and removing all the stone,
the solution was to turn it into a destination spot~
 a raised platform for the French daybed and a pair of bistro chairs.
In the meantime the vegetable garden is underway up above in front of
the garden shed and I have to figure out how to get the water up there
in a more attractive manner.  In the meantime the new courtyard layout
is actually pretty nice, and we can have a number of people and still 
be able to practice social distancing easily!
The daybed  is decorated in a French bohemian style.
A mosaic birdhouse in pink adorns the ironwork.
We really enjoy gathering outdoors, and the weather has finally turned for 
the better.  This courtyard is really an entertaining solution right now
during this Covid 19 pandemic.  It hasn't been easy to isolate,
and we are looking forward to seeing loved ones in a safe way out here
during the summer months ahead.


  1. Positively gorgeous, Amy! Stay healthy!

  2. I love the remark that the green house was 'chintzy'. My granny always used that word to describe something that wasn't well made. When I was older and a huge fan of English authors of the 1940-60 era, I read of Chintz curtains and sofa covers. This was pre-internet days, btw. I finally found a decor book at the library and saw what Chintz fabric was and thought "Well that doesn't LOOK cheap..." The word was so ingrained with the meaning of something shoddily made that I just couldn't fathom why they called it Chintz!

  3. I just discovered your blog...just beautiful! Especially love the black urns. I live in Florida, but I grew up in Dracut , Massachusetts...north of a real, very old farmhouse! I continue to decorate my Florida home with French country, and so your blog will be a real help to me. I sure miss all of the antique shops and little “out of the way” places one can find in New England!


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