Monday, June 14, 2010

Flowers, herbs and rust

 A sniff of my labors...
Our yard is very small, and it sits on a lot of ledge, which is not great for gardening. This year I decided to grab a small ugly patch to the rear of the house and pop in a few tomato  plants at least. So I planted the tomatoes, but there was nothing pretty about it. And I am all about "pretty".
This ugly area is going to look fabulous by next summer I  promise you. I have plans for a patio and lawn and proper stone wall with a lovely garden that follows the curve of the wall.
This iron tree bench used to be green with a bit of rust..
but now the rust has taken over and it doesn't look so cute anymore
Oh yeah, the gravel walk needs to be weeded, again.
I hate this job. Bluestone someday.
 Hubby dropped a big pile of loam inside the stone wall area for my new garden at my request.
Then he left.
You can hardly see the tomatoes for the weeds.
I bought these copper garden markers in this bucket set of garden tools at TJMaxx.
Took off my gloves to snap a picture. I love copper touches in a garden.
Weeding ensued, and my son Colin practiced his photojournalism.
Shoveling heavy dirt ensued.
Cleaning out leaves and yard debris ensued.
I removed a section of grass with my edger and claw
and then created a border with some leftover cobblestones.
I have saved them for 5 years now....hee hee.
I planted my herbs up front  added a blue hydrangea in the back.
Copper markers identify each herb,
but  really, I just  like the look of them.
 Washed the dirt off of the cobbles to make them look purdy.
A rusty spire adds some garden art.
Goes with my old rusted railing I can't part with.
Lookin' I weeded the front walk,
edged the tiny yard and spray painted the tree bench.
love a rust finish, but the old bench was starting to rot through in places!

My hubby builds the stone walls and steps out of old granite. I love the  rustic appeal.
I weeded the walkway is the final reveal of my butt breaking work.

The grass seed is waiting to be spread, but for now I am a sore but happy gardener.
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FJI's Gitter Done! challengeI am glad I did!
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