Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vintage Pink Ladies Luncheon

You're invited to my vintage pink luncheon party ladies!
I set the table with a lot of vintage things I have been collecting and loving for a long time.
 I need to back up, because this party started when I found this Ethan Allen chair at the thrift shop.
I love pink and I love yellow. My dining room was a creamier yellow, but this chair inspired the geranium pink and butter yellow paint combination. It is a happy little dining room now.
I'm in the mood to throw a party! I set the table with my old wedding china when I married my kid's dad 30 years ago. I still love it. It came from the supermarket everytime you spent $100 you got a place setting! Wish they still did that...
Each dinner plate has a different antique plate on top.
This one is my favorite.
I got it from Evelyn Wyman, my 85 yr old neighbor and friend.
Each place setting has a different pastel footed drinking glass rimmed in gold from T J Maxx.
I like these because youngsters feel grownup at our family dinner parties.
An old pocket watch, pink reading glasses and a book about love are on the menu too.
My dad gave me these silver teaspoons with my grandmother's name engraved. So lovely.
An old broken pearl necklace cradles the pink and yellow teapot I found thrifting.
I adore old silver and silver plate alike. 
I found this champagne bucket at the thrift store too and it is great for holding my hydrangeas.
Pale pink beaded napkin ring holders are paired with my grandmother's silverplate.
My white dining table has cut out glass top sections with a gate inspired motif. 
My mother-in-law lives next door. 
We are painting her house right now! Peek a boo.

This new chair is perfect...
it only cost $49 at Salvation Army Thrift store. Retail $549!
Yes, Ethan Allen....unbelievable!

Thanks for coming to lunch ladies! It was my pleasure!

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  1. Amy, I love the pink and yellow color combination and your attention to detail is obvious with all the little accents. It's all so cheery and pretty!

    p/s You had asked about my tablesettings and how long they take...I usually have a general idea of what I'll use and then shop my house for other elements to fill in! I plan them out before-hand but they evolve as I start setting it all out!

    Have a great week! I've been in bed all day long. I am not feeling well but trying to get another post out! I already took pics last week ;-)


  2. p/s I meant to tell you, you look so cute and stylish in your gardening gear on that post a few days ago. It was like wathcing a gardening show! I usually have a gross t-shirt on that was my husbbies and never match! I probably scare our neighbors! ;-)

  3. wow! Your home is amazing!!!! so beautiful!

  4. Your table looks like something out of a magazine, it's so pretty! And that Ethan Allen chair was an amazing find!

    Saw you at House of Grace.

  5. how lovely~ the spoons are divine!

  6. Wow! This is just gorgeous!

    Donna (Timeless Settings)

  7. What a gorgeous setting -- and your blog header is stunning! The pinks and yellows work so well together! What a treasure those engraved spoons are!

  8. This is my first visit to your blog...your designs are beautiful! I love the fresh yellow and pinks with all the fresh clean white. Such a pretty luncheon table. Thanks for sharing!

    Miss Bloomers

  9. This is a lovely table setting! I am loving those spoons with your grandmother's name engraved. How special! What a find with that Ethan Allen chair too.

  10. What a beautiful table, so feminine looking. How wonderful you have your grandmother's spoons. Gorgeous hydrangeas, too!

  11. Everything is just gorgeous, I love it!! Wonderful job, I would love to have tea or lunch with you anyday!

  12. love your room colors, so light and fresh~

  13. The colors you've used is so pretty. Very soft and feminine. I love all of your layering and your good eye for detail. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I love the colors in this room. You have found a jewel in the chair. I have 4 that have been in my home 15 years and they sit like they came in this morning...michelle

  15. So lovely! Loved all the gorgeous pink & yellow details.


  16. So lovely setting, beautiful colors.


  17. I've never seen spoons with a full name on them. How adorable. My mother had white china with pink flowers on them that she got from the grocery store. When she passed away, those were the ones everyone wanted, not the Noritake ones. How fun to see them in a beautiful setting with so many lovely other things.

  18. Beautiful setting and lovely diningroom! Your new chair was quite a find-enjoy!

  19. A lovely table -- and such pretty things. Love your spoons and how great they are family spoons. Engraved things are always so nice.

  20. This is absolutely gorgeous! LOVE all the pinks and yellows. Your chair fits perfectly.

  21. Thank you for the comment!
    I love Pink, and the yellow just makes it that much prettier! Your little tea cups are very pretty too!

  22. What a beautiful room! Those spoons with your grandmother's name engraved are so very special. Lovely table.

  23. Hi Amy- J'adore the table setting you had prepared for us! Every bit is special and I luv how bright the room looks...so cheerful! Thanks for stopping by yesterday and leaving a sweet comment.

  24. First off...this is the SWEETEST dining room I've seen in forever. I LOVE it. The colors are so cheerful and bright.
    THE chair !! OMGosh..I am sure loving it!
    Your table is just stunning...I LOVE mix and match so much and plan to do a tablescape soon, using different placesettings I've thrifted. So much fun.
    I really enjoyed this post...and I am signing up to follow. Hope you'll stop by my place..anytime!
    xo bj

  25. Hi sweet Amy~~Just picture perfect:)))
    so nice to meet you!

    Love your setting~~~
    Kay ellen

  26. Lovely table! Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  27. What a beautiful color combination and your chair is wonderful! Love this pretty table -- I would love to enjoy this ladies luncheon!

  28. Gorgeous table! Love everything on that table! :)

  29. I love your soft and feminine color scheme. Mouth is drooling over your dishes and stemware. Thanks for stopping by. BTW, I am offering a 200th posting giveaway. Thanks for sharing!

  30. I just became your newest follower! Love the F in sewing and math. That is just funny. Where is that teacher today?

  31. Hi Amy, The soft colors of this very adorable china and glasses are so nice with the creamy white of the table. The plate of your neighbor friend ist so precious. I love your dining room, it is just charming.
    Greetings, Johanna

  32. I can't tell you what I love the best! It's all beautiful! Plus I love pink!

  33. These subtle pastels and elegant curves have definite vintage charm.
    Gorgeous, truly gorgeous!!!!


  34. A very happy room--love your use of color.

  35. Oh love the chair! I got a very similar pair of two for free when a small office was changing out their waiting room. The seats are a little tired and the upholstery is worn, but I have slipcovered them for the time being until I can afford reupholstery. Here's a picture:



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