Monday, June 14, 2010

Flowers, herbs and rust

 A sniff of my labors...
Our yard is very small, and it sits on a lot of ledge, which is not great for gardening. This year I decided to grab a small ugly patch to the rear of the house and pop in a few tomato  plants at least. So I planted the tomatoes, but there was nothing pretty about it. And I am all about "pretty".
This ugly area is going to look fabulous by next summer I  promise you. I have plans for a patio and lawn and proper stone wall with a lovely garden that follows the curve of the wall.
This iron tree bench used to be green with a bit of rust..
but now the rust has taken over and it doesn't look so cute anymore
Oh yeah, the gravel walk needs to be weeded, again.
I hate this job. Bluestone someday.
 Hubby dropped a big pile of loam inside the stone wall area for my new garden at my request.
Then he left.
You can hardly see the tomatoes for the weeds.
I bought these copper garden markers in this bucket set of garden tools at TJMaxx.
Took off my gloves to snap a picture. I love copper touches in a garden.
Weeding ensued, and my son Colin practiced his photojournalism.
Shoveling heavy dirt ensued.
Cleaning out leaves and yard debris ensued.
I removed a section of grass with my edger and claw
and then created a border with some leftover cobblestones.
I have saved them for 5 years now....hee hee.
I planted my herbs up front  added a blue hydrangea in the back.
Copper markers identify each herb,
but  really, I just  like the look of them.
 Washed the dirt off of the cobbles to make them look purdy.
A rusty spire adds some garden art.
Goes with my old rusted railing I can't part with.
Lookin' I weeded the front walk,
edged the tiny yard and spray painted the tree bench.
love a rust finish, but the old bench was starting to rot through in places!

My hubby builds the stone walls and steps out of old granite. I love the  rustic appeal.
I weeded the walkway is the final reveal of my butt breaking work.

The grass seed is waiting to be spread, but for now I am a sore but happy gardener.
Try your Gitter done project at Funky Junk Donna's. 

FJI's Gitter Done! challengeI am glad I did!


  1. Way to GO! Your garden is gorgeous! I know all too well what a pain that gravel driveway deal is. Whoever invented THAT will never be able to retire, kwim?

    I sure love all the rock you have. Really makes for a nice natural landscape. Very pretty.

    Thanks for linking up to GD!

  2. You did a darn good butt-breakin' job! Everything looks lovely and the rocks are awesome!

  3. You did all of that in long sleeves?! I hope the weather was good to you.

    That's a lot of work, but with a great reward. It looks wonderful.

  4. Wow, this looks wonderful. I love all the pictures and what you have done so far. Those markers were a great find too! Great post.

  5. Your garden is beautiful. Definitely worth all your hard work. You should be proud. It looks great.

  6. Oh how I know about butt-breaking work in the gardens. I have flower beds everywhere and a huge vegetable garden. Trouble is, for all the butt-breaking, you'd think my butt would be gone...not a chance LOL! You did a great looks beautiful.

  7. What a lovely garden! All your hard work paid off!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog! :o) I looked at your sketch of your porch and I think it will look very elegant! :o) I wish I could sketch out my ideas, but artistic talent for me ;)

  8. I popped over from Debbie's to say Hi! I am so happy that I did so that I could peek into your beautiful garden! I adore all of the garden accessories you used...they give your space such a personal feel and...oh so charming! Love it!



  9. WOW! your yard and garden are beautiful! Love the stone walls and the border you made!

  10. You go, girl! This is awesome! Your yard is beautiful and magazine worthy! Love it!

  11. There is no better tired than that which was earned in the garden! It looks so cool and inviting and peaceful. Wonderful job!

  12. Your garden is looking beautiful. I know how much work it is. I have lots to do in my yard but it's been way too hot here. It went from spring to summer too fast! I envy all the stone you have.

  13. YOu did such a wonderful job! So beautiful!

  14. Wow, you must have been hurting all over after all that hard work. But it was worth it, your garden looks fab.

  15. Great job! I am just starting to get into gardening myself. It is a lot harder than I thought! Thanks for sharing. I am your newest follower.

  16. All the hard work is well worth it! Double benefit here: your garden looks beautiful and there's no need for you to go to the gym with all that excercise!

    You have a lovely blog Amy!
    Have a happy week!


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