Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Add some bling to a jean jacket

I love to create things. 
Not only in home dec, but in my wardrobe or in my yard or anything that catches my eye. 
Things that need a little updating, some blinging, some toning down, a little painting...its all fair game. 
And usually this comes over me spur of the moment. 
I have this jacket...

So yesterday when  I was at Joanne's Fabrics, as I walked by the rows of buttons and trims I got sucked in. They were so cool...I love buttons! Hmm..I picked out some pale blue lace admiringly, grabbed some more trim and ended up looking at the beautiful buttons and my jean jacket popped into my head.I thought I'm going to revamp my cool jean jacket I bought 3 years ago in Jackson Hole... 
Here is the pictoral of how things progressed:

 Here is my Wyoming denim jacket with some awesome beading already on it

this is the hand stitched beading in clear, blue and brown stones and beads

I bought pale blue ruffled lace, clear amber ribbon, baby blue tapestry ribbon, and decorative buttons

I placed the tapestry ribbon over the blue ruffle on the cuff and top stitched it in place. 
I found out I didn't like that much lace showing so later I redid it to have less of a ruffle reveal. 
The devil is in the details.

As I top stitched the tapestry ribbon I added a peak of an amber organza ribbon. 

I added the tapestry and amber ribbons to each pocket flap too.
Look, no manicure!

I top stiched the sides. I hot glued the bottom closed.
Then I hot glued a blue glass button to each flap, and the antique crest button to each cuff.

Detail of the flap, cuff and how it coordinates with the beautiful beading!

The final's now an original and one pretty cool jacket!

You know I did this before to a suede shirt jacket I bought and I get tons of compliments on it.
Might as well show it to you.

Cuff embroidered ribbon with beading and a woven trim with rosettes

I edged the bottom with the woven trim too.

I put beige leopard fabric on the lapels, ooh la la!

My cool, flirty and they always draw a compliment!

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  1. Oh, these are both soooooo pretty! I love them! I wish I could sew! I'm a good glue gunner though! ;-) love all the trims you selected!

  2. I'm so glad you posted this. My old jeans jacket cuffs are worn out and I will try the lace trim with some pretty ribbon.. I love that look !! Thanks for the idea !!!


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