Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pink is an Attitude

Pink is a color most people are afraid to use. 
Women are nervous their men folk would be uncomfortable with it in their shared spaces. 
Too girly. Too sweet. Too babyish. Rubbish!
Pink is a powerful color that when used correctly
will put one at ease, 
quickly establish a mood, and make everyone smile. 
How I love pink!

Barely there pink with lots of white.
Feminine, sophisticated, and downright luscious.

A more saturated pink with plum, cream and beige 
gives this room credibility without overboard femininity.

      Using a clear bright pink with a black and white graphic wallpaper gives this space modern appeal.

You can use hot pink in a traditional decorating scheme. 
This gives an excitement to what would otherwise have been 
an expected combination if you had used a neutral wall color.

This ballet pink wall color is kept in check by the black iron bed. I used this similar combination when I painted my first house pink, back in 1988. The neighborhood was in disbelief, but that little house became famous around town. I think the black shutters and fascia boards in black made the pink house sing.

One last pretty pink picture before I go!

Country French decor in raspberry pink.


  1. I love pink! Not as much as I love lavender, but pink is certainly a classic color that looks delicious in any room. I enjoyed looking at your sidebar photos. You've lived in some very lovely homes. And it looks like you have all boys like me {I have three}.

    Have a great week,

  2. I love lavendar too and collect amethyst glass and transferware. Thanks for stopping in Kelly!

  3. Great pictures with very useful tips! Love your blog.

  4. I confess...I like pink! At least just a touch of it. I love seeing how you can incorporate it without it being too girly. I think a little pink adds a bit of softness to a room. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love pinks as well, although I don't have them in house currently. I have two boys, so a pink room was out. I am going to paint my office pink, though. I need one super feminine room in the boys allowed. :)

    I also love your header picture...if that your kitchen or a room you designed? It's lovely.

    To answer your question about slipcovering a tufted piece...I have never tried it. I don't think I would be happy with how the fabric would lay over the tufting. I have see people stuff the recessed area with batting and that seems to do the trick. Good luck and thanks for the compliments on my blog. :)

  6. I love pink, on moderation :) I think I am still haunted from the time my mom painted my room pepto bismal pink as a surprise in third grade and I had to live with it for 5 years!

  7. That was fun! I've always loved pinks, now i'm all decorated in neutrals and robins egg blue, and i'm missing my pinks. Maybe i'll paint a little desk in my living room filled with neutrals, and sisal and white... a crazy pink, just to shock the space a little! Thanks for the inspiration!


  8. oh yeah, and hooray for your pink house! I love it!


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