Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An artist is inspired by my blue bike

An enchanting drawing of a french girl 
named Aimee on an aqua blue bicycle!
Could this really have come about after
 a twitter conversation with the artist, Sandy?
She has the most darling drawings of her Glamourous Girls
 that she makes into greeting cards.
I told her I thought one of her cards should have a girly bike!
My new vintage bike was just painted and I was excited about it.
I repainted an old bicycle I found at the NH swap shop.
That means it was free for the taking.
I always wanted a vintage bike with a cool paint job.
I even found a wicker bike basket at Walmart that was perfect!
Look at Aimee's basket! 
It must be from Chez Walmart.
Her little Yorkee, Paree, is tucked inside.
I admire Sandy's artistic talent so much. 
The details are incredible.
I love to sketch, and I find her artwork inspiring.
I am amazed by the effect one person can have
 on the internet in our blogging and tweeting world.
It's such a cool place to be these days. 
 Can you imagine my surprise when I saw this darling
and totally awesome art based on our tweets about a girly bike!!
So fun!
Check out Sandy's artwork at her blog:

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