Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An artist is inspired by my blue bike

An enchanting drawing of a french girl 
named Aimee on an aqua blue bicycle!
Could this really have come about after
 a twitter conversation with the artist, Sandy?
She has the most darling drawings of her Glamourous Girls
 that she makes into greeting cards.
I told her I thought one of her cards should have a girly bike!
My new vintage bike was just painted and I was excited about it.
I repainted an old bicycle I found at the NH swap shop.
That means it was free for the taking.
I always wanted a vintage bike with a cool paint job.
I even found a wicker bike basket at Walmart that was perfect!
Look at Aimee's basket! 
It must be from Chez Walmart.
Her little Yorkee, Paree, is tucked inside.
I admire Sandy's artistic talent so much. 
The details are incredible.
I love to sketch, and I find her artwork inspiring.
I am amazed by the effect one person can have
 on the internet in our blogging and tweeting world.
It's such a cool place to be these days. 
 Can you imagine my surprise when I saw this darling
and totally awesome art based on our tweets about a girly bike!!
So fun!
Check out Sandy's artwork at her blog:


  1. I love the bike--especially the color! Did you paint it yourself? Is there a special bicycle paint you use?
    :) Emily

  2. Oooh la la Amy! C'est parfait sketch for you. How exciting was that!!! J'adore what she's done.

  3. Darling Amy ... Love your post! It's so very strange and magical the resemblances between your blue bike and basket, as I had never seen them, and Ooh La Frou Frou girl Aimee's blue bike and basket ... and I didn't even THINK of the connection that both of your names are Amy/Aimee, just spelled differently! Love it. I love that the pieces of each of the eight girlfriends that star in the Ooh La Frou Frou Collection card line have bits and pieces of all of our personalities ... which is what I wanted to achieve. Your blue bike is LOVELY, sweetie! Glad I could surprise you with a little treat! xo

  4. I printed out a picture of a bicycle that was spray painted white, the whole thing, tires, wheels, handlebars, everything. That's something that I want to do this spring. I don't have the right bike but with a basket full of flowers, maybe no one will notice. I love the color of the bicycle!! I allso went over to visit the Frou Frou girls.

    I'm still working on the little glass greenhouse. Why is it taking so long? Well, a few of the panes broke and I had to replace the glass and then we decided to paint the dining room once we put in new French doors so we were concentrating on that. And well, life in general has slowed that process, but I'm getting there... The four bottom windows are together now. Thanks so much for the inspiration for that beautiful project. Take care, Linda


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