Monday, August 8, 2011

A chandelier for the foyer

Ok, I know~right after Betsy told me I had too many crystals 
I am posting about another chandelier!
Well this was in the works for a couple of weeks, 
and I think it would pass muster.
I picked it up at the antique co-op all shiny brass like this...
Took it up to my office where I am reworking 
some other chandeliers and a new sconce
and I painted it with old white chalk paint for that shabby look.
It looked gorgeous and I was thrilled with it~
even Mr. Maison Decor said he liked it and I didn't even ask.
These crystals are big and heavy and have the old school connector wires.
 The crystals graduate down in size as they go to the bottom of the fixture.
And they have those big rectangle crystals that I think are called coffins.
 Here was the old boob light fixture from Home Depot....
The new sparkly shabby crystal basket light!
Its not an "in your face" kind of chandy....
Its just right I think...
I'll be sure to check with the boss about it~
but what's done is done!
 In the meantime I was also working on this sconce....
To replace this fixture at the top of the staircase
But I hit a snag...
It got a paint job and a string of crystals between the double arms.
When we went to hang it I realized there would be 
no room to screw in a light bulb due to the slant of the ceiling!
 I guess that is why we had a downward dog light there before.
So I had Mr. MD turn it facing down, and it looks dumb.
So I am back to the drawing board on the sconce,
but thrilled about the basket chandy.


  1. You really are a light fixture pro, Amy! I love the new one in your foyer, very classic! And totally not in your face! Beautiful!


  2. Have you changed any of the things back from when Betsy re-did your room? Or have you left it all?

  3. I love it. It's stunning and I really don't think you can have too many crystals, can you? Hugs, Marty

  4. Amy,
    Your crystal fixture is beautiful. Love it!


  5. Amy love love love your chandalier!! Looks perfect. Is there such a thing as too many crystals? Haha......really love your touches, and as great as it is to get the take from "experts" when you have the magical touches that you do, that is more than enough:)

  6. Your chandelier looks great. I'm a fan of that whitewashed look. I love lots of crystals.

  7. Amy I adore your new fixture in the entry...that is too bad about the sconce, I know you will find another beauty though!


    Art by Karena

  8. Your new basket chandy is wonderful, and I loved the post on Betsy, reworking your Living Room, Your coffee table gray is just amazing. It sounds like it all went down at lightening speed. Ruffle whore, too too funny!!!
    xo Debra

  9. That is a beauty! its great to get decorating advice from a pro but at the end of the day your home has to feel like you. I think it looks beautiful.

  10. To chandy or not to chandy...of course to chandy. I'm wiping off my mouth as I write this comment to you. I always keep a wipe cloth near me when blogging. You never know when, and most of the time I do need to use it,lol. You do have the most gorgeous chandeliers around. Thanks for sharing the pretties. Decor. Lady

  11. Amy, the chandy is perfect! Love the paint finish.

  12. Gorgeous chandelier. You can never have too much crystal. Absolutely beautiful.

  13. Much better than the HD boob light :) I love crystal chandeliers!! How do you find so many of them?? I've got a source here for antique fixtures, but they're so stinkin' expensive!

  14. The chandy is adorable and looks so cute in your foyer. Your house is so gorgeous. I love how feminine it is!

  15. I LOVE what the white paint job did to that chandelier, the detail of it is gorgeous! And I'm totally jealous because I can never seem to find anything remotely like this in my area.

    I see that good old fat frenchy is still in place, sans doily - yay!

  16. I love it! No such thing as too much crystal in my book. Also, I was looking for mirrors in your room and didn't even see 1 million, never mind 25 million! Also no such thing as yoo man mirrors in my book!
    xo Stacy
    PS let me know of you are down here and help me with my dining room! Over cocktails of course :)

  17. Love the chandy...a definite improvement from the "boob light". I call them that too :-)

    You said you had Mr. MD turn the hall sconce upside down but it looked odd. What if you added some appropriate-sized globes (something resembling a crystal-look) to it in the upside down position? Hmmmm...just thinking it might work.

  18. Hey Amy,

    Love the sparkly. Bet it gives off some very pretty evening shadows. So sorry about the sconce, but I have faith in will come up with something even better...I'm sure of it

    Have a great week.

    Janet xox

  19. Looks like you got the Mr. BUSY! LOL, I agree, keep them guessing at all times! Wonderful crystal chandelier by the way, LOVE it painted!

  20. It's a beautiful fixture.
    Looks perfect in the foyer.

  21. You can never have too many crystals! :)
    That cage chandelier looks just PERFECT!
    I love it!

  22. LOVE it, Amy !! It looks fabulous in your foyer. And, hey, a girl can never have enough crystals !!

  23. I gotta go home and be taunted by the ugly boob light hanging in my foyer.... I WANT that Chandy!!

  24. It's pretty Amy, just like you said, no too "in your face", but miles better than the other one. And... drat over the other fixture not fitting! It's so cute all painted and distressed. That one sure needs to go somewhere!


  25. Wow Amy,
    Your chandelier is gorgeous!! I love the color you painted it, it's perfect!
    Your blog is so beautiful, I'm so glad I stopped by.
    Have a great night.

  26. Ohh, gorgeous !! Glad I found your blog, it's following you :)

  27. I love the chandelier! I have a brassy one like that, never thought of painting it, but that really works! Thanks for the inspiration.

  28. That chandelier is gorgeous. It is full of glass and best to keep a small light in it, it is will beautiful at night camp. I wonder to watch it.

  29. What a precious little chandi. Love it in the foyer. It's just what you needed for that spot. I like the sconce too. I hope you can figure out a way to get it to work in your hall.


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