Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mantle and Piano tuning

 I continue to adjust and fiddle around in here..
and really am liking how it feels.
 I mounted the basket by making a wire loop through the frame. 
Remember when Betsy propped it up?
She tried to hang it but there was no way to do it as is. 
It also had a florentine tray inside the basket tray,
and I removed it to reveal this floral frenchy motif. 
You can see the wire basket tray with the florentine tray
 inside it the day Betsy put it there.
She also added the big candlesticks, 
and I  added the skinny tole ones next to them.
And I added one more thing too....
 This cute little bronze terrier I found 
last Sunday at the antique co-op. 
Her name is...Betsy!
 In honor of  Betsy, who collects these little dogs.
Just makes me smile looking at the little figure trotting along.
 Looking over this way you can see
 my rarely photographed baby grand piano~
it was covered with a billion family pics 
and a crocheted lace tablecloth, 
but now it is bare and has just a handful of things on its top.
Fat frenchy table is over by the stairs now,
 with an apple green Martha Washington chair.
Not the greatest, but it will do for now.
And that mess on my coffee table in front of you?
I'll admit I have an affection for design books and magazines. 
Stacked in piles around the table makes for easy reading, 
and one less tablescape to create!
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