Friday, August 5, 2011

A Gilt Vitrine

Vitrine is defined as a glass paneled cabinet for displaying china or objets d'art.
This beautiful antique vitrine belongs to my mother-in-law.
The glass door panels are curved.
 My MIL likes to keep her teacup collection in here.
 Very ornate carvings all covered in gold leaf decorate the cabinet.
Petite hoof legs~
This cabinet came into the family long ago as a gift from a 
wealthy housewife to her housekeeper, who was my MIL's aunt.
 She must have been a great housekeeper!
A pretty french Vitrine!


  1. i'll bet you would love to get your chalk paint little hands on that, wouldn't you!!! :D i know i would!

    hugs, cindy

  2. What a beautiful cabinet Amy! I just love it!
    hugs, Cheryl

  3. Beautiful

    I have seen those through out the years at antique shops and always wanted one. Big $$$$


  4. Beautiful piece and her teacup collection is stunning. Hugs, Marty

  5. Oh, man! How gorgeous is that?! Have you quietly put your name on it?

  6. Beautiful piece and I love all of the precious tea things inside!

    Susan and Bentley

  7. So pretty. Would be really fun to choose every special piece to fill it up.

  8. Amy-What a beautiful piece! And the china is beautiful! Does it belong to you now? xo Diana

  9. What a pretty and feminine cabinet. The shape is wonderful, and she has such an amazing teacup collection!


  10. I didn't know what a vitrine was before this! Thanks for the education. Was tonight your big night? Thinking about you!

  11. That is one pretty vitrine! It's soooo me! *winks*...Probably sooo you too huh? Lol!..*winks* Vanna

  12. oh my, what a beautiful piece! I am having a love affair with round furniture at the moment, and this vitrine (thanks for the word knowledge :)!) is just perfect!
    Hope you are having a great weekend Amy!
    Jen xo

  13. That is simply gorgeous Amy! I will have to take pics of my vitrine and post them on my blog. It matches my sofa and an occasional table. I got all three pieces at an auction a few years back for an absolute STEAL!!! (*_*)

  14. Truly truly pretty, like its a work of art. Never saw too many that have curve and the carving on the hoofs-clearly a masterpiece. Oh and the color is just amazing. Your mother in law has great taste:)Oh and merry Christmas!have a great year ahead.


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