Monday, August 15, 2011

Acid Green Chalk Paint

 Annie Sloan Antibes Green is an alarming shade of green, 
and one I thought might work just right on the coffee table in the family room.
 Tobey sits under the table that has been painted with Anitbes Green (on the top). 
I used some Valspar paint in an ocean blue color I had for the legs. 
No wax yet~just unvarnished bright Antibes Green.
The rug from company C has met it's match!
 I wanted it to look a little less neon, so I added a coat of dark wax.
All finished~I waxed the blue legs too.
The Annie Sloan paint chart shows the colors, and the green is the brightest by far.
I wanted to share some other projects from blogland done in this bright green
A table from Stellar Junk
 And my coffee table~Anitbes green with dark wax.

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  1. Good Morning Amy Sweetie...
    Oh how beautiful is this color, does it say LOVE or what? Oh I love it with your rug, it just makes it pop.

    You did an awesome job. I have seen a lot of this chalk paint of late, but have not tried it. You have encouraged me to give it a try as well. In the Fall when everything cools off a little. I have a couple of pieces I would like to try. It is so darn hot here in the Phoenix desert right now. The garage stays about 120 degrees most of the time. Patio about 115.

    Please stop by my blog and leave a comment or two. It is Miracle Makeover time once again. Guideposts magazine and Design Gives Back is giving 1.00 for each comment left on my blog. The money goes for another cancer stricken person in need of a makeover in their home. Wait until you meet this years lucky recipient Charlie. He is 8 years old and will melt your heart. Many thanks sweetie. Have a glorious week, Sherry

  2. Now that is Green... it looks good in your living room.have a great week

  3. Hi Amy,
    I didn't like the green until I saw it with the dark wax treatment. Now I love it!

    I used chalkpaint for the first time. The jury is still out on how I feel about it. I'm not sure it's much better than any other paint and it's pricey. I'm still workin on it. I plan to do a post in a few days about my experience.


  4. Love this color Amy it is so happy!
    Everytime I see it I smile.
    Have a great week!

  5. Love that green! It's perfect with your Company C rug!

  6. I've used Antibes Green on several projects and I think it's a great color! I love your green table with the rug ~ It just pulls the color out so nicely!

  7. Hi Amy - wow that green looks great! Looks great next to the brown leather couch.

    I'm so excited to finally find Annie's chalk paint. I bought two colors yesterday, Louis Blue and Paris Grey. The lady selling it was offering classes but I'm hoping I don't need it. Any special tips I need to know in painting furniture?

  8. I love the contrast with the brightly colored rug and the brown leather! I do like it much better with the dark wax!~Hugs, Patti

  9. Oh.. that piece looks great against all those luscious leathers! I really need to get some of this in house and try it myself...


  10. I LOVE it. I'm too chicken to try those brights in my house, but I love it with the Company C rug!

  11. Wow, I have to say, I ne er cared for AS's green, but I love what you've done with it! I may be brave enough now to give it a try :)

  12. Looks great & thanks for featuring mine...

  13. Lovely Amy...and it looks great in your room.

    I love it when chalk paint newbies say they just used it and they are not sure if they like it.

    They always seem to end up loving it! You really cannot even put it in the same category as just can't.

    Looking forward to your next project.

    BTY...thanks so much for introducing me to Betsy Speert...she is wonderful and sassy.

    Janet xox

  14. your table looks great! all I can say is that Annie Sloan is one smart lady to market this paint!!


  15. They have so many great colors it is hard to choose. I wish I had a store here where I can see them in person before choosing. So hard on line to tell the true color. I do like that green for a pop of color.

    I just added a picture with the lamp in my post. I thought I had that one in there already. I have shown it before and am sure you have seen it.

    I just ordered Paris Gray. I am thinking of painting the hutch in my dining room, but not sure the mr. is going to go for that. I may paint my bed with it, too.

  16. Very pretty with the dark wax. Love the dresser too!

  17. il tuo verde è così originale e talmente chic!E' il colore della natura viva che trasmette pace e tranquillità,dentro ogni casa dovrebbe esserci un angolo tutto verde dove rilassarsi! complimenti!! Anna.


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