Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Damask Wallpaper~a ScotchBlue Painting Project

Welcome to the ScotchBlue™ Painting Party! 
A group of DIY bloggers, including myself, all completed projects with the help of ScotchBlue Painter's Tape with Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector.  We're giving you the chance to gather some inspiration and win prizes!  After seeing what I did, you can start at the beginning of the the party to see more tutorials,
 so head to Kristen's blog at: 

Here is my ScotchBlue project!
Ok, so my hallway needed a little pizazz!  I jumped at the chance to try out the new painters tape with edgelock by Scotchblue. My design plan involved stripes and a stencil.  My tools were simply a level, a pencil, a stencil, two paint colors, a paintbrush and roller and a roll of Scotchblue painters tape. First, decide how wide you want your stripes and make a light pencil mark along the wall at the top, middle and bottom using a level. Then connect the marks with the painters tape. It is really that easy. I did not get all analytical about this part, because that's not how I roll.  
I made 18" wide stripes with 10" spaces.
 Fill in the painted space with your chosen paint color (I used cream on top of the lavender walls).
Continue taping along the space.
 I painted the first stripe and stenciled my
pattern right away to make sure I liked it~why, yes I did!!
You will see more of that part later....
 The rest of the wall gets taped and painted.
 Now for the fun part, peeling off the tape!
This leaves a clean straight line with no paint bleed.
 Being thrifty, I reused the painters tape for securing the stencil pattern to the center of the stripe.
 I used the same color as the base for the stencil pattern.
 This whole hallway only took me a couple of hours.
 It gave me a dramatic effect, at little expense and effort.
Now its time to play around and glam it up!
The reason I only did one wall, was because I used
different ornate cream colored mirrors on the other side.
I added a leopard chair at the end of the hallway...
Some silk pink strie draperies and all of  a sudden
 this hallway had gone from neutral to glam in a hurry.
 The wide stripes gave me the look of wallpaper, at a bargain price.
My hallway, before.....
My hallway, after!
 Thank you Scotchblue!
Now here is how you can win your own ScotchBlue tape:
If you’d like a chance to win a sample of ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape with Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector to complete your own project, comment on this post and let me know how you would use the tape in your project. For another chance to 
win, tweet @ScotchBlueBrand “I want #supersharppaintlines for my next project!”

To see the next amazing project done with
 ScotchBlue Painter's Tape head here: 
Sara @ House Bella 

FYI:  ScotchBlue Brand reached out to me to participate in the ScotchBlue Painting Party to celebrate the launch of their new ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape with Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector

My post represents my honest experience with ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape. I am not being paid for my answers, but I did receive ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape to assist in completion.

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  1. Love your hallway redesign! The stripes, stencil, mirrors, curtains and leopard chair are swoon worthy!

  2. Wow Amy that came out beautiful!! I love how it all
    came together too with the things that you decorated with ~

  3. unbelievable Amy! It looks fantastic! I love the colors and textures also. XO Christie

  4. Love the treatment and the colors you chose...beautiful!

  5. How funny, I was just searching for the painter's tape this morning, Amy! Hubby packed everything up already! I have a hall tree I wanted to paint and it has a mirror. I'm going to need to protect that because I am a bit messy, so I'd probably use the tape for that project.

  6. OMG Amy, that's gorgeous! And there are those pink curtains that i LOVE. The walls with the chair and the curtains are swoon worthy...


  7. Oh Amy what a beautiful treatment. It look gorgeous!!

  8. You did a terrific job with the stripes and the stenciling! It looks fabulous, darling! And the mirrors look great hanging there, too.

  9. It's like you created a whole new room out of a hallway!

  10. It really looks beautiful, Amy. I love the stencil! Nicely done!


  11. Oh my gosh, Amy! Your blog always inspires me and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hallway!! I would love to try strips in my hallway upstairs. It's a beautiful hallway, with a big arch at the top of the stairs...lots of architectural 'coolness', just no design flair. This just might do the trick!

  12. Very pretty! Great idea to do the stencils too! They're nice and subtle - not too overwhelming.

  13. Amy, amazing job. Love the added stenciling. Thanks for joining WOW.

  14. That's gorgeous, Amy! I use painters tape all the time. It's great for a lot of projects.
    And I think I recognize those pink panels peeking out at the end of your hall!

  15. Your hallway looks wonderful! I love the colors together.
    I love ScotchBlue!

  16. WOW!
    So nice it looks,where do you get those stencils???


  17. I got that stencil on Just search damask stencil~it is the only one they sell and it is a great price!

  18. Amy, I love the dramatic change in your hallway. I have always been afraid to do stripes but you made it sound simple enough that I think I will try it. Thanks. Shannon

  19. Wow, Amy, it looks fabulous. So much drama and glam. Anything silvery will look so great in that area.

  20. Shannon, thats one of the reasons I chose a very wide much less to do! Also the wider the better in a narrow space.

  21. Hi Amy,
    Your hallway looks so pretty. I've always wanted to try striped walls especially in my powder room. You did a great job.


  22. Tweeting @ScotchBlueBrand now!

  23. Wow I just love that stencil!! You hallway looks so beautiful!

  24. Look fantastic, Amy!
    I would be so thrilled to walk down that hallway every day!
    So pretty. Love the lavender and the stencil you used.
    Looks like a Designer's Guild wallpaper!

  25. Amy, the hallway is amazing. I adore stenciled walls, and your color choices are gorgeous!

  26. It looks amazing. The colours you chose are perfect and th wall with the mirrors is adorable.

  27. Oooh, nice The stripes really break the corridor up well, don't they? And I love the gentle contrast in the colours you chose. Gorgeous!!


  28. Wow Amy I am in awe!! You have done it again...just beautiful, love the colors too, its so soft with just a hint of design. It really adds a lot and looks amazing..great job!! So good to be back in blogland:)

  29. So talented! Your hallway looks wonderful, it is amazing what someone as gifted as you can come up with! Makes my creative juices flow! Hmmmm.....I am thinking of some projects as we speak!

  30. Morning Amy,

    Elegantly lovely! Well done girl.

    Janet xox

  31. I love it! It's beautiful! I'm about to finish a board and batten project in our guest room and then move into my daughter's room where she wants pink walls with YOUR damask stencil in a sherbit orange. I'll have to search your site to see where you got your stencil but we love it and will be very busy very soon... well, we always are.

    Thanks for the inspiration and your wonderful blog!! Happy Labor Day weekend!

  32. Looks lovely Amy!!

    I love that home you showcased a few posts back! Gorgeous!!

  33. I'm repainting my walls in my house and not to good at making sure I don't get any on the trim,also I'd love to borrow your idea for my hallway.

  34. I just wanted to say congratulations on your spread in Romantic Homes. It's beautiful- like your blog. You must be so proud, what a fun accomplishment. Thanks for your blog. Keep up the good work.


  35. Your walls look amazing. My sister painted my daughter's walls but refused to use painters tape. What an ordeal! It came out gorgeous! Here is a link to the picture:



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