Monday, August 1, 2011

I've been buying chandeliers lately...

There is only one thing I seem to buy more than chandeliers lately, 
and that has been mirrors, but that may soon change.
I am on a chandelier buying spree,
as I tell myself I am buying them for my shop!
I would like my whole house filled with chandeliers, 
elegant sconces, and wonderful table lamps~
when you have a new house, old lighting gives a new house some personality.
I have a newer house that was filled with basic Home Depot light fixtures.
One by one I have been changing them out.
Here is the latest chandelier I got for right inside the front door.
An empire basket type crystal chandelier, vintage era 1970s.
I don't have high ceilings, so it had to be a flush mount fixture.
Its petite and the crystals are huge, with different shapes 
graduating downwards in size and one big rectangle crystal.
Super quality crystals, but not the oldest light fixture.
The lovely beaded chandy I bought for my living room 
is going to be for sale on my Etsy shop. 
I have decided it is too dark
for the rest of the room. Even though it matches the gold rods, 
I think I need a lighter looking fixture.
So I will be on the hunt for a new chandy while this one looks for a new owner.
Do you see what I mean?
In the meantime I have been buying chandeliers.
I found this vintage chandy without any crystals on Etsy, 
and then had to buy a bunch of crystals.
A good cleaning....
as well as a good cleaning for the candle sleeves and the 20 crystals I bought.
I'll still need to add about 26 more crystals! 
I found a local supplier for antique crystals so 
I don't have to order them through Etsy as the shipping
 almost doubles their cost, as the weight is considerable.
It is going to look lovely after all the prisms are hung.
It has a nice vintage canopy as well. I like the old crystals,
 not the ones with the gold or silver metal connectors. 
Look for wires (the darker the better) with the nail head style ends,
 those are the ones I like to buy when restoring a chandy.
Quite nice~but this will go back on Etsy.
A pretty wall sconce came home with me from the antique co-op for $20.
Mr. MD is going to hang it up at the top of the stair case.
 It leads to my lavender hallway.
There are 3 light fixtures in that hallway, 
so that will be an expensive undertaking to replace
them all with vintage chandeliers.
 This pretty chandy is in my Etsy shop, 
but maybe I should consider it for the living room,
although I think it is too petite.
However it is open and airy looking.
Still wondering if perhaps I should 
use a white chandelier all shabby style.
Which means I would paint one...what say you all?
You have had marvelous advice for me on my Louis chair.
Would you paint a vintage chandy white?
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  1. Love 'em all, Amy! I've been noticing the style of the one in your living room all over lately. Maybe the more open looking chandelier won't appear as dark to you. Can you try it in place before you make the decision to paint?

  2. Hi Amy,
    I think that your livingroom screams for a white chandelier with tons of brillant crystals!

    You could even add some of those pretty bulbs in pastel colors, such as pink. I think that Shabby fufu sells them.


  3. So pretty! I vote for painting white! Lovely blog!

  4. Wow so stunning!!! I lOVE THEM beautiful! I could see an antique white, or a paler brass...agreed that the darker is not as suitable for your beautiful room. Look forward to seeing/hearing what you decide!

  5. I've got a couple that I have been debating on painting white. If you do be sure to post before and after photos!! ♥

  6. Wow, I love chandeliers! I don't know what you are paying for crystals, but you might want to check out Freedom Crystals online. I can't really tell the size you have, but I buy my crystals for .30 hope that helps


  7. I would paint it white, definitely. I think it will be gorgeous. Amy you have great taste in lighting!

    Art by Karena

  8. I see something really light with lots and lots of crystals and a wider spread, in your living room, just seems like it would fit the romantic feel. It's pretty neat that you're attracting all those chandys into your experience, and that little one you fixed up is so pretty now with all the new crystals you added!


  9. I would love to see a vintage Italian tole chandelier in your gorgeous living room. You've found some marvelous pieces. I agree with you about the one hanging in your living room right now...but it surely is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your bounty. Cherry Kay

  10. I would paint them in a heartbeat! I love the look of white (or even silver as opposed to gold) because I believe it makes the crystals really pop! xo Diana

  11. I've painted several chandeliers white, and I love them!! I vote for white!

  12. Lucky You! You have found a ton of beauties! I have been on the look out too, only one so far. I vote paint them, I love them in white:-)

  13. Haha - I have a weakness for chandeliers and mirrors too! I LOVE that first flush one. And I vote for painting too!

  14. I have so many chandeliers too! I love the old gold look, but the white is also nice. I used to paint them white years ago and they sold like hotcakes! Now I'm not into the painting as much as I have a lot of gold and French-y style things in my home. However, in your living room, I think it is screaming for a gorgeous white fixture with tons of prisms! (*_*)

  15. I have painted vintage chandeliers white and will again. I have one now waiting to be hung in my dining room that was originally brass from the 1920's or 30's. The one that currently hangs in my dining room I bought off ebay and painted. It will go in my bedroom after I put the new one up.

  16. I would like to see a vintage Italian tole chandelier in your gorgeous living room. I found a some marvelous pieces from your blog.

  17. I recently painted two old chandeliers white. I must confess I was sick with worry before beginning as I didn't want to ruin those pieces, one of them being a family heirloom. But it's a success (at least I think so), as they look "lighter" now which is better for my tiny, tiny house!

  18. Ok, everybody has painted them or is saying to paint them~what kind of paint should I use? Do you spray these? Shiny, matte or what? Distress? What brand and color???

  19. beautiful collection of antique and vintage fixtures. I love how you're restoring them and keeping the metal finishes intact.

  20. I love the living room chandy, very unique! I like it in that room. judy

  21. Those are so pretty. Adding my two cents I see a painted fixture over these dark brass ones which i think fight the softness of your room.

  22. I'm a big fan Amy! Your new chandies will definitely be a show stopper in that room. Hope you're enjoying your summer!

  23. Wow! I am loving all of your chandys!!

  24. They are all beautiful. I love finding the petite ones. I've painted chandies with spray and by hand. I've also used various finishes. I'm actually working on one right now. What look are you going for?

  25. Love your new chandeliers. I'm on the hunt for one in my bedroom but I'm not having any luck. I'm happy to see you are finding some.
    xo Cheryl

  26. I'm absolutely in love with antique chandeliers like these! Thanks for sharing!!


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