Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mantle and Piano tuning

 I continue to adjust and fiddle around in here..
and really am liking how it feels.
 I mounted the basket by making a wire loop through the frame. 
Remember when Betsy propped it up?
She tried to hang it but there was no way to do it as is. 
It also had a florentine tray inside the basket tray,
and I removed it to reveal this floral frenchy motif. 
You can see the wire basket tray with the florentine tray
 inside it the day Betsy put it there.
She also added the big candlesticks, 
and I  added the skinny tole ones next to them.
And I added one more thing too....
 This cute little bronze terrier I found 
last Sunday at the antique co-op. 
Her name is...Betsy!
 In honor of  Betsy, who collects these little dogs.
Just makes me smile looking at the little figure trotting along.
 Looking over this way you can see
 my rarely photographed baby grand piano~
it was covered with a billion family pics 
and a crocheted lace tablecloth, 
but now it is bare and has just a handful of things on its top.
Fat frenchy table is over by the stairs now,
 with an apple green Martha Washington chair.
Not the greatest, but it will do for now.
And that mess on my coffee table in front of you?
I'll admit I have an affection for design books and magazines. 
Stacked in piles around the table makes for easy reading, 
and one less tablescape to create!
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  1. Your mantle is beautiful Amy. I love the basket, and I'm always swooning over all that ornate detail. The little terrier is a nice touch. I share your love of design books and magazines. I have them all over the place.

  2. The basket really is lovely, Amy, and such an original idea! I love it. I'll never tire of seeing your living room, there is always something different that catches my eye. How have I missed the French doors?!!


  3. Your reading pile looks like mine...even the same one!
    Too funny!
    I love this room...It looks like a great curl up and flip through pages type of space!
    Have a wonderful evening!

  4. Beautiful tweaking, Amy! I could linger in here for hours ... love all of the books on your coffee table ... just waiting to be enjoyed. Beautiful piano, too!

  5. Love the basket over the fireplace. The flowers go so well with your fabric in your shelves. What a cute little doggy! I love that seat cover on the piano bench.

  6. I love all the moulding on your fireplace !!

  7. Your tweaking is looking great! I too have stacks of books and magazines piled on tables...

  8. Your mantle looks pretty amazing Amy! I love how it looks now. You have a Baby Grand? So jealous...I can't play, but I'd love to have one anyway! (*_*) My dream is an antique cream Playell Baby Grand in cream with roses and swags...Jessica McClintock has one in her book...it's crazy gorgeous!

  9. I really love the pops of green in your room! Your fabric backed bookshelves look even nicer than they did before with this set up, somehow....more tied in.

  10. I'm really really liking the mantel right now. This is one of my favorite looks so far. I think the colors inside the basket looks better than the ochre color that was there before. And those flowers on the piano look so pretty reflected in the mirror.


  11. It is all looking good, Amy. I think most of us have stacks of decor books. I got my new Charles Faudree one today. I love it.

  12. Wow, I love your rooms!! Your vignettes are so pretty...I am especially loving that low, round table...

  13. Hello Amy,

    LOVE the basket over the mantel ....so pretty! I do believe Betsy would approve of your little changes.

    Love your room...makes me want to cozy up on the sofa.

    Janet xox

  14. Hi Amy; Everything looks beautiful as usual. I just picked up a new design book over the weekend. I think I'll post about it sometime :) Hope you're enjoying the summer! Stop by and visit my blog sometime too if you have a chance! Take care,
    New England-Style

  15. It really looks wonderful Amy~ xo Rachel

  16. The basket over the fireplace really does look great! YOur livingroom always looks wonderful!~Hugs, Patti

  17. I can't believe I didn't look under the tray in the basket! It looks wonderful. Love the changes to the piano, and of course the little dog.

  18. Oooooh! When I read "Piano Tuning" I thought you were going to say you actually had the piano tuned...as in "tuned to play in tune". :-) I like it better without all the photos on top too but you know, you should think about opening up the lid..at least for photo shoots. And I would love to know more about the piano itself. I'm a pianist and a decorator and my husband is a Registered Piano Technician so you can imagine my interest in the piano. (I can see the brand of the piano when I enlarge the photo..but more info would be fun...like do you play?) Love the other cute room changes as well.

  19. Love the inspiration from your blog. I have to thank you for introducing me to Betsy Speert. Love her sense of design and her sense of humor! Your two blogs are my newest favorites.

  20. I never, ever get tired of looking at this room. Every time I look, there is something new to see. I really, really love the green table.

  21. I keep looking at this so much! LOVE IT ....please, fiddle around our living room! LOL We spent a couple wks this summer in the island of Gloucester, outside Boston and did find some cute things for the house :)

  22. A piano adds "presence" to a room and creates an image. It looks so pretty with the flowers reflected in the mirror. I'm surprised you haven't painted it white. I painted an old upright piano years ago. It was a job but I loved it and the detail really popped.


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