Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Hydrangea Arrangements

 These hydrangeas are the Endless Summer variety.  They are blue in the summer and then by the fall they turn  colors to green, purple and burgundy. Hydrangeas are one of the nicest flowering bushes for any garden and there are many varieties.
 The rain came earlier than expected this morning, so I dashed out to the end of the walk to get my cuttings.
 Normally I would do all the trimming of the branches outside, but since it was turning into a steady rain, I brought them inside.
 Two glass containers filled with water will hold the cuttings until I can arrange them.
 I trim off all of the leaves as they do not dry nicely.  I plan to put these in water for bouquets and then dry them afterwards.
 Some future fall garden plans include planting these bulbs.
 Are you familiar with giant Alliums?  I think they are incredible, and have long wanted to add a few to my garden.  They have an Alice in Wonderland quality, and purple is one of the colors I use in my gardens.  Only 3 bulbs came in this container, which I found at Costco.
 Compare that to 50 bulbs of Narcissus~they are like a daffodil and these are going to be pink and melon!
 I found this old hooked chair pad with aqua and purple colors, with pansies on it for $8 at an antique shop.  I think it will make a great centerpiece base.  I could turn it into a pillow someday~isn't it pretty?
 Tiny milk bottles will go in an old cracker box and hold one blossom each.
 This arrangement will fit on the window sill nicely. A snippet of my morning for all to see~the crock pot recipe book is out, the flowers are getting cut, tomatoes on the windowsill and real stuff on the counter tops!
 The really big news around here is that yesterday the faucet came for the vintage sink!  That means the kitchen rehab can continue.  I have been painting and waxing the base cabinets like a good girl.
 Rainy days and crock pots go together, don't you think?  This Sandra Lee has a bunch of easy cook books that make recipes a cinch.  I won't have to think about dinner now until I set the table!  Remember the countertops only LOOK like real marble~they are the new 180fx Formica that I am putting in.
 A pretty floral arrangement from my garden....
And pretty soon I won't have a half done kitchen!! Take one last look at my speckled laminate and half bead board back splash and old stainless sink......I can't wait to share the complete makeover with you!

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