Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fancy Sandals

A free pair of the world's most luxurious sandals! Thats right~Starla Sandals, asked me to do a product review on their sandals.

More than happy to do the job, I went to their website and liked what I saw. It was like walking into a fancy sandal boutique~so I picked out a pair of turquoise and crystal studded golden leather thongs.
I love turquoise and I can imagine these looking chic with a pair of jeans and a white shirt as much as a bohemian caftan.  Oh la la!

Something so glamorous about the late '60s~Model Marisa Berenson rocks this Valentino caftan and somehow I think these turquoise sandals would look just right...oh but I digress!
I was going to squeeze every warm day left out of our balmy fall  before my new sandals get packed away.  If I get to take that cruise to Bermuda next April, you know I will be bringing these beautiful sandals along.  They are dressy, yet oh so comfy!  The quality construction even made Mr. Maison Decor gush ( and I can't remember him ever gushing about anything unless they were a pair of cowboy boots)!
The best part of all, is that Starla is having a huge sale right now!  I am happy to endorse these sandals to all of my blog readers and friends~you won't be disappointed.
Starlas even has a blog~they have made lovely pin boards and this one shows the pair of pink rose stone sandals on gold leather that I almost picked for myself.  Isn't this collage just dreamy?
Click here for the link to Starla's website and check out their blog here.


  1. BEAUTIFUL sandals, Amy! I hope you DO get to take that should take it just to show off those sandals! xo Diana

  2. Lovely sandals...Bermuda here you come!!!


  3. Love the sandals you chose. Yes, perfect for a trip to Bermuda.

  4. LOVE these!! So cute, they can so easily turn a simple outfit into a WOW outfit. I will check them out, love your choice and hope you get to wear them to Bermuda!!

  5. I got my free pair last Spring from them and now need somewhere exotic to wear them!

  6. How cute Amy. I just know they will look great on you! Especially in Bermuda!!


  7. Oh those look beautiful!! You're one lucky girl to get the opportunity to try them out for yourself. I'll have to go look at their store now. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Amy!

    I am loving the Shelley Wedge. So cute!
    Thanks for telling us about these. I was not
    familiar with them.
    Love your new header! Such pretty images!

  9. Their collage is dreamy, i'm liking that handbag on there!, will definately go check these guys out!
    I like your fallish header too... you have the BEST fall wreath in the whole wide world!


  10. Lucky YOU! They are so pretty!

  11. Such pretty sandals deserve a great pedicure!

  12. The sandals are gorgeous lucky you!


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