Friday, October 7, 2011

In a kitchen mood...

 All of these kitchens are in my pinterest file called "kitchens to love"~
 and they each have something that caught my eye~
 so for the weekend while I continue to work on my kitchen~
 I wanted to share these kitchens from my love file with you!
 to see more kitchens~
 you can go to my pinterest file and see other inspiring kitchens~click here!


  1. I'm so glad you put the link there Amy, i had looked for you on Pinterest but couldn't find you. Not sure i quite have the hang of Pinterest yet. Love your inspiration kitchens, especially the last one. And that photo of you on Pinterest is hot girl, you look good!


  2. Hi Amy,
    Love your new profile pic!
    Your inspiration kitchen are all beautiful and I would take any of them! I have a feeling that your kitchen is going to be a show stopper when you get done.


  3. I share your love for vintage style kitchens! They are all so wonderful and unique compared to the basic kitchens that so many houses come with these days. What would we do without our wonderful inspiration pics???

  4. I was working on my kitchen today, too, Amy! Mainly putting out some decor and deciding what I could use from our old house in the new place. I'm dealing with very high ceilings here, which can make it a bit challenging, but I like what I've gotten done so far. I love referring to pictures for some inspiration.

  5. Oh-sigh- Don't you just love them all? That first one reminds me of a Florida kitchen I saw when we lived there. They are all lovely! xo Diana

  6. Great kitchens. Love that big blue armoire. Wish I had room for one. What great storage.

  7. Love your kitchen inspirations Amy~ they are all wonderful! Can't wait to see your kitchens new look too!! :)

  8. How beautiful! These kitchens are to die for! Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  9. I love your items on your esty shop. Very nice Have a Great Weekend!

  10. Amy, you and I have such similar tasted. Thanks for sharing these lovely kitchens with us. I can't wait to see your kitchen when you're done!

  11. I could just stare at that last one all day.....


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