Friday, October 28, 2011

Cottage Washroom Cabinet Appliques

 My combo laundry room and powder room~
so I call it a washroom.
This is the place all of our guests get to use when they feel the need.  
So the idea of creating a cottage washroom was born.  
 The cabinets got a two tone paint job in blue and cream
 and then got some antique glaze over it after some vigorous distressing. 
 A big carved molding was applied to the top of the cabs taking them to new heights.
 Recently I got the idea to add some laurel wreath appliques to the door fronts.
 These appliques are made out of wood and I found them online at Vandyke Restoration.
 They have that frenchy look that I find appealing.
 I gave them one coat of the cream colored paint 
and was ready to apply them with hot glue to the cabinet fronts.
 Here I am holding it in place for 5 seconds for the glue to take hold.
 I made a pencil mark 3" down from the top of the arched cabinet top. 
 After that I lightly applied and rubbed off some Valspar antique glaze.
 The appliques are all finished and have added a
 little bit more interest to the washroom cabinet fronts.
 This was also the washroom that I had applied 
wallpaper to the ceiling using a faux tin tile paper.
 Oh look over there~more of that speckled laminate I LOVE soooo much....not!
 A pair of vintage botanicals I found on Etsy are hanging in here now.  These prints must have been everywhere back in the 40s and 50s, because they are cheap and easy to find.  I like the bamboo frames on these, and I think I paid $10 for 3 of them.
 A few odd baby blue transferware dishes
 from Brimfield share the wall with the botanicals.
The appliques were a quick and easy decorator detail to add to the cabinets.
I decided against adding them to the vanity doors~
now, if I can only move past this countertop....
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