Friday, October 28, 2011

Cottage Washroom Cabinet Appliques

 My combo laundry room and powder room~
so I call it a washroom.
This is the place all of our guests get to use when they feel the need.  
So the idea of creating a cottage washroom was born.  
 The cabinets got a two tone paint job in blue and cream
 and then got some antique glaze over it after some vigorous distressing. 
 A big carved molding was applied to the top of the cabs taking them to new heights.
 Recently I got the idea to add some laurel wreath appliques to the door fronts.
 These appliques are made out of wood and I found them online at Vandyke Restoration.
 They have that frenchy look that I find appealing.
 I gave them one coat of the cream colored paint 
and was ready to apply them with hot glue to the cabinet fronts.
 Here I am holding it in place for 5 seconds for the glue to take hold.
 I made a pencil mark 3" down from the top of the arched cabinet top. 
 After that I lightly applied and rubbed off some Valspar antique glaze.
 The appliques are all finished and have added a
 little bit more interest to the washroom cabinet fronts.
 This was also the washroom that I had applied 
wallpaper to the ceiling using a faux tin tile paper.
 Oh look over there~more of that speckled laminate I LOVE soooo much....not!
 A pair of vintage botanicals I found on Etsy are hanging in here now.  These prints must have been everywhere back in the 40s and 50s, because they are cheap and easy to find.  I like the bamboo frames on these, and I think I paid $10 for 3 of them.
 A few odd baby blue transferware dishes
 from Brimfield share the wall with the botanicals.
The appliques were a quick and easy decorator detail to add to the cabinets.
I decided against adding them to the vanity doors~
now, if I can only move past this countertop....


  1. Your appliques look wonderful Amy! I love your washroom. Have you though about painting the laminate counter tops?

  2. Very pretty washroom! I especially like the ceiling! I love the look you create in your home.

    Ever consider painting the countertop? I've seen a lot of really beautiful countertops achieved with paint. I believe there are kits you can buy, but I've seen on a lot of blogs where they just did it themselves and ended up with a fabulous granite look.

  3. Love it, the appliques add so much Amy......the colors are so soft and pretty. Well done my friend!

  4. Appliques look awesome and especially because you didn't center them on the doors - they're meant to be up high like that!

  5. Nice touch, Amy! Such a pretty and bright room, especially nice since it shares a function. Those appliques are great. I always like to keep a couple on hand for projects.

  6. This is so pretty, Amy. Love that elegant touch!!

  7. Amy, you always put the nicest touches on everything. I just love the laurel wreaths on the cabinets, plus the pretty blue.


  8. Hi Amy ~ Your washroom is very pretty, you have added so many special details! But why haven't you done something about that countertop? It's not like you've been doing an entire kitchen makeover or anything!! : )

  9. Amy I love your washroom! The appliques look so pretty. Have you ever considered painting your countertop? I've seen it done around blogland and it looked great. Martina

  10. So pretty! I love how it looks with that gorgeous rug!


  11. Amy,

    I have those exact applique's. I bought a pair of them years least 15! Isn't that funny?! They're so pretty. Originally I had placed my over small pictures as toppers. I'm not sure where they are at the moment but I know I still have them. The cabinets look great. I love the bamboo framed floral prints too!


    p/s I was looking over your past few posts last night (I've been out of touch the past couple of weeks and trying to catch up) and just wanted to say that I LOVE your completed kitchen...those countertops look awesome! I think I want them! ;-)

  12. this is really lovely Amy!
    The ceiling treatment, the color palette and now the wonderful laurel wreaths...speaks of the Swedish interiors that I love so much!
    I would love to do laundry here!
    Have a wonderful weekend

  13. Just lovely Amy. The colors and design compliment your ceiling beautifully.

  14. I love the idea of adding those appliques to the cabinet doors. That really made a big difference! I just went shopping with my sister today and she bought some appliques for a piece of furniture too. I especially like the molding that you added to the tops of the cabinets and the wallpapered ceiling. That looks so elegant and rich.

  15. A really special touch to these cabinets and washroom! Pretty!~Hugs, Patti

  16. Your washroom came out amazing. I love what you did with those cabinet doors and the appliques really added that custom look. Love the moulding on the top and the ceiling is gorgeous. Tons of inspiration here.

  17. I think you have achieved that cottage look really is lovely!! Love the great paint job you did on the cabinets!! Love the cabinets!!!!


  18. Amy, Great washroom. Makes me so ashamed of mine. This is really a beautiful job and well done. I know you guest will be pleased to have such an attractive and roomy space. Thanks for showing us how you did it. I am going over to check out the ceiling. I have put that wallpaper in my kitchen. I have yet to finish it yet. Hugs, Ginger

  19. That is a beautiful washroom, Amy! I love the way you painted your cabinets and the wreaths adds a lovely touch.

  20. The appliques are great, another pretty detail that you would think of to finish it off.
    My guess is that tonight you have a bead on those countertops, and the next thing we will be seeing is some crazy cool thing you do to change them. No doubt in my mind...


  21. Amy, The wide architectural molding looks fabulous and I love the appliques. You have done such an amazing job on this room...beautiful!

  22. A very pretty space now! By the way, a couple of suggestions since you hate your laminate counter top. You can now buy that countertop transformation kit and redo them. Maybe that would buy you some time until replacements are made. I had a matte cultured marble counter top done for my bath vanity and I love the love of the matte finish. Also, you could move the toilet roll holder over to the side of the vanity so it's not front and center under the window, if that bothers you. It is a pretty one though! Bonne chance!

  23. That really works with your cabinets. Looks great.

  24. Love the appliques! Looks like it's time for some formica marble in that room. It would really look great.

  25. I'm echoing what several others have suggested: buy a can of Rustoleum counter top paint (about $30 at Lowe's) and paint them a different color. I think they currently have about 16 different colors. They say (although I've not used it myself) it comes out sorta high gloss and is quite durable. It's worth a shot on such a little countertop.

  26. Amy, I love the appliques! They really finished the look of the cabinets. My laundry / utility / mud room is the next room on my list... It's going to take a lot of work though. I got some great ideas from your laundry area though! Thanks!


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