Saturday, October 29, 2011

Feathers and Fall Decorating

 Snow came yesterday and it will come again tonight~
the day before Halloween!  
Yes, frost was on the pumpkin in Boston.
Despite the snow we will still have
 fall decorations up until the day after Thanksgiving. 
 Most of my decorating colors don't include traditional autumn shades
 of orange and rust~so I can't say that this is the 
time of year my house looks best.  
But still, there are a few things that I wanted to share with you.
 This big round coffee table holds all the books and in the center
 I can add some seasonal touches~
and one of them is something I have been wanting to add for a long time...
Pheasant Feathers!  
I have admired them in magazines and in blogland 
and finally got some for myself.
I put them in a mercury glass vessel next to 
Donna's creme colored pumpkin  with the green velvet ribbon
 that she made with her own hands.  
 I think they sold out of her Etsy store~
but you can go check by clicking here.
 I found these on Etsy too...I wanted big feathers!! 
So when they came they weren't so big, but they were still pretty. 
 I love seeing feathers used in floral displays and on wreaths as well.
 I have to include a parting shot of my beaded chandelier~
I sold it on Etsy, and it is going to another blogger's home very soon!!
 Mikey, from the ShabbyFrenchCottage bought it! 
 Goodbye Mr. Chandy!
 Did I show you the pictures above the corner chair?
 This watercolor is of a fishing village 
and I loved all the little pretty houses in a row by the sea.
 This little house sketch is of the
 first house Mr. Maison Decor bought in his twenties.
  It is a darling bungalow and we drive
by it every now and then as it is right around the corner.
 Strange fact:  It belonged to his great uncle, who was the original Mr. Peanut!
Note: Nita said maybe people don't know who Mr. Peanut is.
Mr. Peanut is the character that represents the Planters Peanuts Company.
Mr. MD's great uncle Wesley was an executive for Planters in the Northeast region.  Planters decided to have a costume made up for shows and parades.
On Halloween his great uncle and aunt gave away all things Planters, like packages of peanuts and keychains with Mr. Peanut and everyone in the neighborhood loved going to that house for trick or treating.
Back to my feathers~I do love having them and hope to get more. 
Kelly from The Essence of Home said she got hers at Hobby Lobby. 
You should see the size of her feathers!
 She was shocked when I said we have no Hobby Lobbys in New England.
  I figured she was picking them off of her country estate lawn! haha!
PS. I must confess~what I was really doing with this post 
 was trying out my new tripod.  
I needed to take a bunch of pictures and practice. 
So that is why there are pictures from all around the room!  


  1. Good Morning MsAmy! I love your feathers and your Fall decorating~ How interesting that you have a pic of the hubby's first house. It is a wonderful rendition although I DO think they should have painted Mr.Peanut on the front porch! Nice job, Amy! xo Diana

  2. Love your pheasant feathers, such a beautiful touch. Love the house sketch of your hubbies first house..thats something to treatsure. Buying his first house in his 20's is really impressive Amy, AND he fulfills your wish list of all projects you want done in the house...hes a keeper!!
    Enjoy your weekend, this weather is sooo nuts!! I can hardly stand it, hope its not an indication of the kind of season we are in for:)

  3. I would look at the feathers every time I would go into Michaels. They always looks so good mixed in with an arrangement and they would be a perfect touch for Fall, too. No Hobby Lobby in NY either, Amy, so you can imagine how happy I was to find one about 10 minutes away here in Ohio! You can shop them online, but they don't have everything that they have in the stores.

  4. Love to see some pics of the snow around your house!! Bet it is pretty.

  5. I was just going to say how sharp your pics are and now I know why. I use my tripod all the time. I love those pictures beside the chair and your fall vignette on the table is perfect. Oh, y'all need a Hobby Lobby.

  6. I have been wanting some pheasant feathers too Amy. We have a Hobby Lobby about an hour from me, so I might go check that out.

    Your pictures are wonderful!

  7. Everthing is so pretty, Amy! I love how you put the feathers in the mercury glass vase. Just saw one of those at TJ Maxx. May have to run back by and grab it! :) And those pumpkins are adorable! Funny you mentioned your tripod. I just pulled mine out for the last photos I took. I'm usually too lazy to grab it but it really makes a difference!

  8. Your mantle and bookcases are gorgeous. You sold your chandelier? Can't wait to see what you have planned to replace it?

  9. Looks like the tripod worked out very well. These photos are really good. I like the aqua mixed with the fall colors. Can't wait to see what you will hang in place of that chandi. I also can't wait to see it at Mikey's. I can't believe you have snow! It has cooled down here. It will only get up to 65 today. I had to have the heat on last night as it got down to 38. We are a long way from snow. Usually don't get snow till around Xmas or later. When I was a kid there were many years we got none at all. But now it seems we always get some rather large snow storms each year. Donna's pumpkins look so nice mixed with your things. She sent me one back in September. I guess I'll do some fall decorating with it. She is so sweet. I love that painting of the bungalow. What a nice little painting and cute house. Mr. Peanut! I wonder if most know who you are talking about. And how do you be the original Mr. Peanut? Did he look like a peanut?

  10. Your mantle is beautiful as is the the painting
    I had a mr. peanut bank as a child.. wish I still had it!!

  11. Oh everything looks so pretty!I love how you've styled your coffee table with all the books and magazines. Your centerpiece with the feathers is a nice addition. I like your feathers! I think they're the real deal. That's probably why their size is a little smaller. I have a mix of different feathers in different sizes. There's alot to choose from, I've discovered. Thanks for the "shout-out" too, btw. We woke up to very cold temps this morning and a cold wind. I can't believe you've already had snow! It will be fun comparing our weather as the seasons change since we're in different parts of the country! I live such a sheltered life. ha!

  12. Hi Amy! No one does Fall decorating any better than you - soft and romantic! Your mantle is gorgeous. Love all those sweet pictures and the tea pot lamp is darling! :)
    Have a great weekend and be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. I love the feathers!! I have swan feathers at the lake displayed in a vase. They like to prune down on the beach.

    I like your mantel, even with t he orange, it blends in well with your pretty decor! The pictures are fabulous!

    Stay warm in that snow!


  14. Everything is always so beautiful!!! Anyway..I'm speechless about the snow!!!! It's incredible.... hugs and have a nice Sunday, ciao Flavia

  15. Amy, I can imagine how cozy it must feel to sit on your comfy sofa with a stack of magazines in front of the fire while it is snowing. I can dream, can't I? You have done a wonderful job decorating your home and blending fall into the color scheme. The pumpkin is adorable. Enjoy the snow!----------Shannon

  16. Well you have your own connection to a personal shopper at Hobby Lobby here! Just place an order and I will go fill it! (Almost went there today, in fact.) But they are closed on Sundays!

  17. No matter what the season your home always looks beautiful!I don't do much decorating for fall either because by the time I give up on summer I am starting to think Christmas-well almost!
    We are supposed to get a lot of rain tomorrow but who knows maybe it will be snow.


  18. Soooooo Amy..... You are slowly getting rid of the ten thousand mirrors in your living room!!! I love the pictures, to me this is much much cozier, and adds more visual interest.

  19. Your house always looks gorgeous. I love the little hand stitched pumpkins, they're amazing. And your table filled with all the magazines and books, makes me want to just pile into the sofa and start going through them all. I'm still loving that lamp, omg it's wonderful, and the feathers are a great fallish look. I love feathers...


  20. I saw a hobby lobby on my way to manchester airport in NH.

  21. the photos and living room look great in any season! i so love the touches of the pretty blue and the quiet colors and invitation to read a magazine...i'd be right at home.

    the feathers look sexycool no matter where they came from.

    and i love the tidbits about mr. peanut. of course i know who that dapper guy is. i'm very impressed.



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