Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pink Lusterware

Pink Lusterware is a kind of porcelain with a metallic glaze that gives an iridescent effect to mimic mother of pearl.  Josiah Wedgewood  introduced the pink lusterware in 1805.  I love the look of this pink porcelain and I pick it up when I see it at antique shops and auctions.  The large pink lusterware teapot is my most recent find~laden with hairline cracks, this beauty has seen better days, but it will be featured in my french desk.
Odd lots of little teacups and plates are in my collection.
Some have bits of gold highlights and all have that marvelous iridescence.
Pink and purple have been favorite colors since I was a young girl. In 9th grade I painted my bedroom walls different shades of lilac and used pale pink paint on the woodwork with my parent's permission.
A collection of pink lusterware berry bowls from the Brimfield Fair hang above the living room mirror.
See how shiny the glaze is, and how countrified the patterns are?
I've noticed pink lusterware in a lot of books and magazines~this one in Country Living.  The producer of this article is none other than Stacy Kunstel, who just did a photo shoot at Steve's house (of The Urban Cottage blog) for a Cottage book coming out by Better Homes and Gardens. 
I met Stacy at the Boston Design Center and she is a sweetheart.  Here we are last September and she had the most fabulous custom made yellow dress on!
Anyway, back to the article~these plates are hung on the wall in this Rhode Island home~giving the room that cottage flavor that I love.
 This image is the reason I bought this craft book by Martha Stewart.  Charming teacup topiaries in pink lusterware teacups!  I want to make some of these for the holidays and use my teacups.
These topiary teacups are topped off by a plate display above it of several different patterns.
Look at the pink lusterware plate on the page of a Country Living article featuring Rachel Ashwell, the creator of the shabby chic look. Who knew we both like Pink Lustreware, as they call it in England?
Sharing my love for pink lusterware with you~do you like Pink Lusterware?  

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