Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Pretty Bedding Makeover

 There is no quicker way to give your bedroom a facelift
 than by switching out the duvet cover. 
 Roaming around Target I always love to check
 on Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic line~
 This pretty cotton duvet cover was the perfect match 
for my aqua blue walls, rugs and silk draperies.  
The pattern is pink hydrangea blossoms 
sprinkled randomly across the aqua blue background.
 Normally I don't have a bedskirt, 
but this look called for a shabby style skirt
 and I found this multi-tier ruffled skirt on Overstock.com.
 The Shabby Chic duvet comes
 with a pair of ruffled shams in prewashed 100% cotton.
A white ruffled lumber pillow from Home Goods 
joins a Shabby Chic "sweet dreams" toss pillow. 
 I love the ruffle on the shams.
 The back side of both the duvet and the shams
 is a vintage looking petite faded floral print.
With pretty dressmaker details~covered buttons!
 I like to wash my bedding before I use it, 
so in the washer and dryer it went and onto the bed. 
 No ironing, so excuse the wrinkled look, but thats how I like it!
 The other thing you might consider is using a King for a Queen size bed.  
I do~I like the extra length and coverage 
and I do it for both the sheets and my duvet covers.  
Who wants to play tug of war when putting on your sheets?  
 This was the ruffled duvet I found online at Overstock at a price too good to resist.
A Shabby Chic makeover on a budget~
This was the last look the bedroom wore.
 The only changes were the duvet and the skirt.  
Somehow the new duvet just fits the room better, and me as well!
Thanks to Rachel for making her pretty designs available to us all!
~Sweet Dreams~


  1. Very pretty. I love the Simply Shabby Chic line from Target. It's very nice quality I think. I have some of her sheets. No, take that back...Sally ate them. I had forgotten your room was blue. That is the color I want to paint my bedroom. I sure would like to see all that furniture painted white. I bet hubby won't go for that.

  2. Amy- I had that in my hand yesterday...debating...I put it back but seeing it here...hmmm...I may make a run back yet today. I just LOVE it...now...how does hubby feel about the florals? xo Diana


  4. That is a pretty duvet and love the bedskirt.

  5. Let's try this again since the first comment didn't work. Very pretty in your room and I love the bed skirt.

  6. I love your new look! This new Aqua colour is something I can't seem to get enough of lately.. of course I still love the florals as well. We are getting one of the first Target stores in Canada so I am looking forward to cruising the aisles soon.


  7. I really love the makeover, Amy! I have always loved that particular duvet and have been tempted to buy it many times!! The bedskirt is gorgeous! Love it!


  8. How pretty! I've been wanting a bedskirt like that for some time. I was going to try making one...until I saw yours. It's is so pretty! And what a great deal! I just bought one for myself at Overstock.com. Thanks for the tip!

  9. Great bedskirt, Amy! I love the colors in your new duvet, but I do love that ruffling on your previous duvet! I had been thinking about getting a cover from PB to match the drapes I just got. I had been holding off to make sure I liked the color, which I do. Now I need to decide if it's worth the money!

  10. Yummy! the blueish aqua looks wonderful with the brown wood... makes me want to paint my room blue now! Ahhhhhhh!!! And the dust ruffle is so perfect with it all. I'm in love with the blue curtains too, what a luscious color... something about that shade of blue is so heavenly.


  11. Your room is just beautiful. It is amazing how just a few things can change the look of a room.

  12. So very pretty and so YOU!! It all looks very put together, love the colors too!

  13. Beautiful new bedding, Amy! I love the ruffled bedskirt, too. You've created such a beautiful, inviting space ... love it!

  14. Very pretty Amy! I also like that line from Target. Martina

  15. I've always liked that line at Target too. The ruffled bedskirt reminds me of a petticoat! It looks perfect with your new duvet.

  16. I love your new bedding Amy. The duvet has the prettiest colors and absolutely adore the ruffle skirt! It matches the one you did for your sofa.

  17. Your bedroom is beautiful! I have looked at that duvet several times. It is lovely in your room! I may need to go get it. Love your bed skirt, too. I am a ruffle gal. May I ask you what paint color you used on your walls?

  18. Hi Amy ~ I have the same duvet and shams from Target! I've had them for a while and I still love them ~ I don't have that beautiful bedskirt though ~ so gorgeous!!

  19. It looks great, Amy. Tausha keeps telling me about Simply Shabby Chic too, guess I'm going to have to order something for here. I have that same ruffled bed skirt from O but haven't put it on my bed yet. I keep taking photos for my shop and have draped it around everything for photo shoots.

    I'm with you... the wrinkled look too! I'll try the king size for queen, never thought of that, thanks!

  20. Very pretty Amy, its a great line she has going for them. So soft and inviting, romantic and elegant. Love it and so agree that its a quick fix to get a new look!

  21. so pretty....lovely...Mariaelena

  22. Love the fresh new look with the beautiful duvet and the ruffled bed skirt!

  23. Bad news is....Overstock is out of stock on the ruffled bed skirt. Good news is...yours looks great along with your new duvet!

  24. Amy, I love the Simply Shabby Chic line at Target, too. We have bedding from this line in two bedrooms in our house.

    Your bedroom looks lovely, and the bedding blends in nicely with the curtains and the rest of the room.


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