Sunday, October 30, 2011

Romancing the Kitchen

Isn't this tray pretty?  
I couldn't resist purchasing it to add some romantic style for my kitchen. 
 Vintage desert dishes stacked inside an old cheese box sit next to the tray.
 I like the mixing bling from old silverplate and rustic wood objects together.
 Having so much enjoyment with my new countertops~
everything looks so much prettier now.
 The nice thing about a mostly white kitchen is you can change 
out the accessories and have a completely different look
 without any heavy lifting.  Imagine how easy it would be
 to have a blue and white kitchen just by changing the displayed china.

 Pink lusterware dishes and a pink mercury glass vessel 
sit together on an old tole tray that I painted pink.
This tray was a trashed and rusted old tray. 
If you have one, just spray paint it white and then paint
 or decoupage the bottom of the tray to get it back in service.

 A ruffly runner is added to dial up the girly factor~
maybe this should be for Valentines Day only.
 Romance in the kitchen can easily be overdone~
I might have overstepped my bounds here!
Maybe this is a little better.  Still pretty, but not gag me pretty!
This tray was made by Penny of Lavender Hill Studios~the day after I got it I read on her blog that she is going to move away from making her mosaics to doing other artistic endeavors.  However she is still doing commissioned pieces, and Penny is making a special creamer lamp out of my purple transferware for me. She still has a few things left that you can get if you want to add some romantic style to your home.  You can visit her Etsy shop by clicking here.

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  1. Amy..another beautiful and charming post, you have such a knack for making things look so pretty! I love how beautiful everything your tray, and lit candle....beautiful Amy!

  2. This is the perfect blend of 'Pretty'! Your counter tops are beautiful and I know what you mean about changing things out when you have a white space. I love the tole tray you painted and the vignette on your island!

    Penny is the most creative artist...I fall in love with each mosaic she makes. Now she is into refinishing furniture and she's already a pro at that!!

    Have a great Sunday, Amy!

  3. Amy I saw that tray over at Penny's and thought it was so pretty! It looks beautiful in your kitchen! Martina

  4. I love those shots of your kitchen! Everything looks like it came out of Romantic Homes Magazine. Maybe they can come back and feature your kitchen next! That tray that Penny made is perfect for your kitchen. Can't wait to see the little lamp she makes for you next.

  5. I just have to say Amy your whole house is Sooo Darling..... everything is beautiful! I just got a new home and so many projects to do and one of them is painting my oak cabinets a creamy white. You and your husband did an outstanding job making it to your liking.

    Happy Day to YOU~

  6. Amy-that tray is beautiful. How lucky to get a piece of hers while she is still doing this work...and great that you have another piece coming! Your kitchen is so gorgeous- not at all overdone...even with the ruffled runner! xo Diana

  7. Hi Amy,
    I know you are loving playing around with your new kitchen. The displays are so pretty. I'm in love with your brown transferware dishes over the stove.
    It's all so pretty.


  8. Hi Amy!
    The tray looks beautiful in your gorgeous kitchen! Thank you for linking to are the best!

    Looking forward to creating your mosaic creamer lamp...

  9. Definitely not "gag me pretty", Amy! : ) I think your kitchen looks so light and bright. I would be drawn to hanging out with you in here if I was a guest visiting. The tray is so pretty. I thought I had seen something similar on Penny's blog.

  10. That lavender vase is gorgeous!

  11. Your kitchen is stunning, Amy! I love it! I think I will visit Penny's Etsy shop soon. Thanks for the link!

  12. Oh Amy I love that silver tray. So sorry to hear she won't be doing it any more. I can see you are enjoying your kitchen, and who wouldn't it turned out really nice. I am off to visit Pennys Etsy shop...;)

  13. Amy, these are perfect finishing touches. I can't believe how pretty everything looks! Just perfect!

  14. So pretty Amy! I love it! It just keeps getting better and better!

    Lou Cinda

  15. I am really loving your new kitchen. It's so pretty. White kitchens are my favorite!

  16. Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous, so fresh and pretty!!!

  17. That's one romantic kitchen! Everything looks good on those countertops.

  18. Beautiful kitchen! I also have a mostly white kitchen and decorate with pops of color! Nice job!

  19. What a beautiful tray! I would have bought it too! I don't know where I'd put it, but it looks so lovely in your kitchen.

    I know what you mean about having a mostly white kitchen. Since I painted the upper cabinets, I feel like I can do so much more decor-wise to change it up. Still loving it!!!!

  20. Love the trqy. I thought it was a plate standing up against the silver tray. This is so neat. I am going over to check out her etsy store.
    Your kitchen looks great. It is you, don't worry about the girly. You are girly and that is a good thing. Hugs, Ginger

  21. Fantastic! I have to ask--what did you do to the corners of your counter that were bugging you? They look fantastic--it really appears to be a thick slab of marble!

    I love your kitchen, and hope to add marble or similar counters in the near future!!!

    Can't wait for my Chandy! I bet Mr. Maison Decor is not a happy camper taking down the beautiful chandelier he just put up!!!

    ~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

  22. What a very pretty romantic kitchen. I love the mosaic piece, it is just gorgeous!

  23. Amy it turned out all so beautifully! I just love it!


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