Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vintage sink is in the house!

 Bright and early this morning, Mr. Maison Decor and I traveled to the town next doors and found the location of where this fabulous '40s era sink was stashed.  It was in a cellar of an old duplex.  Joe, the seller told us to wait around back by the bulkhead door and he would go inside and unlock the basement door.
 This was the bulkhead door.  Yes, it really is a "door".  Anyway, I had to snap a quick pic when Joe ran inside to open the was all too funny and weird.  If you are buying things off of Craiglist, I would only recommend you go to the pickup with someone, and when we stood in front of the creepy door, I was so glad I had Mr. MD with me!
 Joe mentioned that this sink came out of this house that was built in the '40s. Since it was a duplex, there were two, and one he had just put in front along the curb and it was snapped up quickly.  I was glad I was standing in front of the creepy cellar bulkhead, waiting to get my prized sink. I didn't take any pics inside the cellar, because I thought Joe would think I was weird.  The sink had two marks and I was disappointed to see them, but he told me the price was negotiable, so we settled on $75.  We quickly carried the sink out to the car and loaded it up.
 The stuff around the holes is old putty. The two marks are near the inner front edge of the sink.  Mr. MD said we could have it resurfaced if I wanted....I am not that much of a perfectionist.  To my way of thinking, I don't have to worry about making the first chip anymore.
 So here it is, up on my sideporch, so the junk man doesn't come along and steal this, like they did my bike.

This is the faucet I ordered online for the sink. My hearts desire is the bridge style faucet.  That is what I will have when I finally have my forever home with my forever real marble counters, and my Shaws farmer sink.  Since, I wanted a vintage feel, but I also wanted a pull down sprayer and a one lever control I picked out this faucet style. Its kind of chunky and has that goose neck shape I associate with vintage styling.  I will be using an escutcheon plate to cover the 3 holes as we will use only one.
Me, sisters Ellen and Susan, cousin Christine
Now we will be getting to the rest of the countertop installation and then the sink will go in, and after that, the faucet.  I'll keep you updated, you can count on that! In the meantime, I was able to enjoy a visit from my sister Susan and her twin daughters, from Kansas City, and one of my favorite cousins who came out to join us for the day.

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